Blow Up a Slaughterhouse?

Like most of you, when I see these horror-filled photos I want to cry. I fantasize about taking direct action to save animals like this. After all, we know who’s doing this. We know the companies. We know who sits on their boards of directors. We know who run the factory farms, the feedlots, the slaughterhouses. I often think about taking them all out! It’s a pleasant fantasy! But those people are only the tip of the iceberg. If they all dropped dead tomorrow, the horror would continue. New people would take their places, because the demand for milk, eggs, bacon, steaks and dog food would still be there! The enemy is the consumer!

It’s your family, your friends and your neighbors who shop at the markets, eat at fast food joints, who barbecue in their yards, feed their kids hot dogs, who put cream in their coffee and eat ice cream for dessert! They likely don’t know of the cruelty that’s being done to earn their purchases. Would they change if they knew? Maybe. Maybe not. But there is no way of knowing without letting them know and urging them to change their ways!

Even if you are successful in awakening them, there is little likelihood they will become vegan overnight. They may give up red meat, or be vegetarians for a day or two a week.  Everything helps! Each day without meat saves lives. They may eventually join us. One of my friends is Howard Lyman, a former cattleman responsible for the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands of cattle! He is now a vegan and an animal rights activist! People change!

While we are posting and campaigning here, let’s try to remember to open our friends’ eyes to the awful consequences of spending money as usual!


One thought on “Blow Up a Slaughterhouse?

  1. Well…has anyone tried, just because people see those sitting in executive chairs are one of many to spring up in the control of slaughterhouses, they are still people, who have families, loved ones, something to lose, if you remove them along with those who think highly of their odds of surviving these assassinations, then none of these so called people will even take the job. Let alone work in association. As I see it, were our own cancer as a species already, so why not kill those who support it as a way of life.


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