If One Believes Absurdities, One Can Commit Atrocities!

Every day I wake with a heavy heart.
Fifty million animals were murdered while I slept.
Another two million were born into slavery while I showered.
A million while I dressed, two million during breakfast.
As I type these words, 500,000 are terrified, waiting in lines to die. Millions more are enroute to slaughterhouses. Feeling, innocent creatures, so afraid of death, waiting to have their throats cut.

Six million die every hour. 24 hours a day. Every day.

The enemies of animals are humans, and the evil things they believe.
Private property! Profit! Business! Freedom to do what you want to animals you own! All are lies told by capitalists. All are designed to make money off the suffering of helpless animal slaves.
And religion condones the cruelty! People believe there is a sky wizard who gave us dominion and control of other creatures. That same sky wizard demanded that animals be killed as sacrifices to himself! It was all written down by goatherders 2,500 years ago, but is still swallowed by most people in the 21st Century!

To win Animal Rights we must defeat the capitalist system that makes it profitable to enslave and murder animals, and we must debunk the ridiculous myths and superstitions which justify human exploitation of our fellow beings.

If one believes absurdities, one can commit atrocities! (Voltaire)

17 thoughts on “If One Believes Absurdities, One Can Commit Atrocities!

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  3. Uhh I can’t agree more. You should read,” I Am A Strange Loop”. I really think you would love it. I’m reading it now and it completely changes my insight pertaining to the consciousness of animals. I have been pescetarian for 8 years and 3 months ago, decided to quit eating seafood as well. I simply can’t contribute towards the monstrocities that prevail in our nation.
    I too awake with a burdened heart every morning with this on my mind. I look forward to future posts. Very relatable.

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  4. roland do you think its possible for most of the animal rights groups to merge for some massive demonstrations and rallys .there are so many people on so many different pages and groups .dont you think if we all come together we can make a difference


    • The problem is that we are so Balkanized and unorganized. A much more productive effort would be to convince our fellow activists to become part of other progressive movements and campaigns. Only by building large Leftist coalitions can we hope to win.
      Right now, we are losing. Corpse eaters are having children faster than we are converting people to being vegans. The Animal Holocaust is expected to grow in size and scope with the ever-growing human population. Minor skirmishes we might win are a drop in the bucket.
      Animal Rights is a Left wing movement, even if many of our fellow activists don’t understand the concept.

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      • Dear friend, Roland,
        I have read most of your blogs and I see that we do agree on many issues. One is the wasted time, resources and energy money in gatherings like conferences. Though there are numerous groups, a unification with a goal will go further. But then there are other things involved , like ego, differing mandates, …. united we gain, divided we don’t. On line seminars in a rotation schedule?

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  5. Mr Vincent! I am sooo happy I found your blog! You have no idea! I am so grateful to have found someone I can learn from . I have learned SO MUCH from your writings! Thank you for being there !

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  6. People are that harm any other living being are evil souless demons, that includes abortion of children with the horrors the poor animals suffer at evils hands. One day there will be justice I believe good will win if not I will myself break anyones hands that I see do harm to a defenseless creature, and I have never hit or hurt anyone.

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