Open Call for Activists!

Interested in becoming more involved? We need colleagues to help run our campaigns!

Besides my personal page, I have several pages that are designed to broaden the movement and involve activists:

Fox Films Kills Horses is an outgrowth of a campaign we waged to boycott Fox Films’ Flicka after the deaths of two horses on the sets. The campaign was a huge success. It was the largest grass roots boycott of a film by a major studio. We cost Fox $12 million!  It is now aimed at stopping horse slaughter and horse meat consumption and against cruelty to horses.

Bite Global Warming is an environmental site dedicated to education on the effects of animal agriculture on the environment and its role in climate change. Our target audiences are environmentalists and the general public.

Committee for the Court is aimed at promoting the appointment of Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe to the US Supreme Court. Please visit the page for more information. 

Koreans Eat Puppies exposes the horrors of the dogmeat trade in South Korea. We are organizing a boycott of Korean imports, including Kia and Hyundai automobiles, Samsung electronic products, etc.

The Activist Network is designed to hook up animal rights activists, human rights activists, environmentalists, and liberals around the globe. Through cooperation and coalitions we can change the country and impact the world!

Islamic Lunacy exposes animal sacrifice, honor killings, male and female circumcision, subjugation of women and institutionalized rape espoused by Islam.

We are looking for colleagues to help run these campaigns. If you are interested in any of these projects, please get back to me.


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