The Most Radical Idea in History!

Animal Rights is the most radical social and political idea in human history. It flies in the face of thousands of years of religious practices and beliefs! It defies human self-interest, arrogance, cruelty and bigotry. Animal Rights re-defines what it means to be a human being. It is the closest people have ever come to being spiritual, caring and compassionate creatures.

It is a philosophy more radical than democracy. More radical than ending human slavery! More radical than any religion. More radical than any concept in history.

Animal Rights is the radical notion that animals have as much right to be on this planet as humans have. As much right to live. The rights not to be exploited, enslaved or murdered. The same rights we as humans declare for ourselves.

Having compassion for animals is not the same as supporting animal rights.
Just as having compassion for children is not the same as supporting human rights.

Loving your dog or cat has nothing to do with Animal Rights. Even Hitler loved his German Shepherds. I’m sure people who shoot cows in the head all day long or slit the throats of sheep and pigs have dogs at home who are like family!

To embrace Animal Rights one must reject the notion that animals are property, or that we have the right to exploit or enslave or murder them! This flies in the face of conservative dogma that private property is sacred, the Holy Grail of conservatism.

What changes would be required to achieve our goal?
Nothing less than a quantum shift in law, government, and politics.

For animals’ rights to be assured, owning them must be prohibited! Radical changes in government would be required! Governments would have to guard animals’ interests even more zealously than peoples’ interests! Intentional harm to all animals would be crimes, just like intentional crimes against humans.

It would mean the end of capitalism as we know it. The end of profitting on animal exploitation, suffering and death. The end of animals as food, clothing, testing subjects, and entertainment. No more hunting, rodeos, sea parks, or bullfighting. No cat or dog death camps, no factory farms, slaughterhouses, horse racing, or fur.

In short, we’re talking about changing civilization as we know it.

Rather far from our present circumstances. And hardly likely to be embraced by moderates, let alone conservatives.


7 thoughts on “The Most Radical Idea in History!

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  2. How could capitalism stop existing if just the carnic industry stopped existing? You still have every other type of production for the capitalist system to work from.


      • “The only way to stop the Animal Holocaust and to end animal agriculture is to end capitalism.”

        I think the above assertion may be a lunatic fringe presumption. After the supposed revolution, “then what?” Who governs this utopian fantasy land?


      • The status quo is horror for animals around the world. I cannot envisage a more cruel world for animals than the one in which they now live. Upwards of 60 thousand million (60 billion) are tortured in animal agriculture and murdered in slaughterhouses every year. Fifty thousand while you read this sentence!

        In addition, 2500 Billion (25 hundred thousand million!!!!) sea creatures are killed in ships’ holds, nets, and dredges each year. About half a million since you started to read this reply.

        The only way to stop the carnage is to disrupt the killing, the breeding, the raping, the torment. And that means taking down the system which allows and rewards the exploitation and murder of animals.

        There are a number of articles on this blog about revolution, socialism, direct action, and rebellion. Here are a couple for your consideration:

        The Animals Need a Revolution

        How to Start a Revolution


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