When Have Conservatives Ever Been Right About Anything?


When have conservatives ever been right about anything?

Historically, conservatives have been on the wrong side of every issue they have weighed in on.

The very aim of conservatives is to block change. They have consistently opposed any change in the status quo.

Conservatives opposed the American Revolution. They supported slavery. They opposed women’s suffrage. They opposed unions. They opposed child labor laws. They opposed workplace safety laws. They opposed Social Security. They opposed fighting Hitler in World War II. They opposed integration. They opposed civil rights. They opposed inter-racial marriage. They opposed Medicare. They opposed federal expenditures on education. They opposed voting rights. Now, they oppose gay rights and animal rights. They have delayed, but not prevented, social progress.

Democrats have not always been liberals, nor have Republicans always been conservatives.

The Republican Party was born as the liberal opposition to conservative Democrats.

We Democrats have only been the liberal party since FDR, and Democrats in our Southern states were the conservatives there until Jimmy Carter was elected.

The Democratic Party grew out of Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans. With the election of Andrew Jackson, the Democrats became the conservative alternative to the liberal Whigs.

Democrats supported slavery and were opposed by the liberal Republican Party, an outgrowth of the old Whig Party.

The last liberal Republican president was Teddy Roosevelt. When William Howard Taft proved to be a conservative, Roosevelt ran against him as a Progressive, assuring the election of Woodrow Wilson.

Our country’s history is one of an ongoing struggle between liberals and conservatives: those fighting for more rights and freedoms and those fighting to restrict them. Liberals have always sought more freedoms and conservatives have always opposed changing the status quo.

The Whigs and the Tories.
The Revolutionaries and the Tories.
The Federalists and the Democratic Republicans.
The Whigs and the Democrats.
The Abolitionists and the Slaveholders.
The Progressive Republicans and the Democrats.
Integrationists and Segregationists.
The Democrats and the Republicans.

Invariably, those in favor of expanding freedoms have carried the day.

The next great social barrier is the recognition of the rights of animals! And the task is to free them from exploitation and slavery. Who do you think is politically and intellectually prepared to do that?

I don’t think this is rocket science: The future of the animal movement now rests on the next generation of liberals and radicals.


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