Most of the Evil in the World is Caused by Your Congressman!


Most US domestic and foreign policy is drafted, adopted, enacted and carried out for the benefit of big business, bankers and international corporate interests.

You may not be familiar with most of these, but they are all
examples of corporate welfare and political bribery:
subsidies to oil companies,
price supports for agriculture,
no-bid government contracts,
arms purchases,
give-aways to banks, Wall Street, defense contractors, etc.

The US government’s foreign policy props up despotic regimes
to allow US based international corporations to rape and plunder Third World countries. US military aid ensures the subjugation of the world’s disadvantaged, while pouring profits into the coffers of US munitions manufacturers.

Rain forests are being cleared to raise cattle for American meat packers, endangered species are being eradicated to profit on American consumption of hardwoods and palm oil.

Third World governments are bribed by corporations to access minerals and timber. International bankers fund the depletion of natural resources and the blood diamond and ivory trades.

All of this spending is at the expense of American taxpayers.
And none of it (or very little of it) would be possible without the US government’s involvement.

The US government starts with your Member of Congress.

And if your Member is a conservative, he or she supports most, if not all, of these policies!

Conservatives are the champions of business.

Big business. Any business!

They believe that “free enterprise” is sacred.

They believe private interests are more important than public ones.

They believe that animals are property.

That the Earth is here to plunder.

That human rights are less important than profits.

And that animals should have no rights at all.

So when you see your conservative Congressman speaking at the Rotary Club, you are looking at the evil in the world!


3 thoughts on “Most of the Evil in the World is Caused by Your Congressman!

  1. My representative, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, has a deplorable voting record for animals. I bombard her office with calls and emails about animal-related issues. She responses that, of course, she wants animals to be treated humanely, but . . Every other interest comes first. The conservatives are not only for big business (or any business), but they are likely to be conservative on religion also and buy into the Biblical dominion and humanity-in-God’s-image myths. No good news for animals there.


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