Conservatives: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!


Since the beginnings of the Animal Rights movement we have been beset by a lack of political sophistication and a tenuous grasp on our philosophical foundations.
Because animal lovers and animal rescuers were to be found among every political persuasion it became accepted that the movement was apolitical
Even the moniker Animal Rights was not clearly understood, and still is not. Although we call ourselves the Animal Rights movement, almost nothing we do involves the rights of animals.
We are animal protectionists! From rescuing cats to liberating mink; from circus demos to sabotage; from crossposting to vegan outreach, we are protecting animals, not securing them rights.

Rights for animals will eventually come when governments recognize them, decades or centuries in the future, likely after social upheaval and revolution.

And societies that will embrace Animal Rights cannot be capitalist societies. Capitalism will not abandon profits for morality. Profits are the cause of almost all cruelty in the world. And Conservatism is the political voice of capitalism.

Conservatives are the biggest enemies animals have.
Specifically, conservative politicians and the corporate political contributions that keep them in office and on the take.

Conservative politicians, at all levels of government, are openly hostile to all we do in the Animal Rights movement. Local city and county conservatives oppose no-kill shelters, bans on pet shop animal sales, mandatory (and free) spaying and neutering, trap-neuter-release; at the state levels they are advocating new horse slaughterhouses, wolf and bear hunts, ag-gag laws, opposition to bans on puppy mills, etc. At the national level, conservatives carry water for the slaughter industries, environmental polluters, loggers, coal and oil companies. They oppose the Environmental Protection Agency and the listing of endangered species! Conservative politicians are the enemies of animals, even if our conservative friends don’t know it!

But the problem is even bigger than that. Conservatives are the mouthpieces for business. And business causes more animal cruelty than anything else. Business profits drive the slaughter industries, factory farming, fur, leather, dairy, eggs, circuses, rodeos, hunting, trapping, dog and horse racing, aquatic parks, animal testing and vivisection, etc.

I am frequently challenged that liberals, leftists, and socialists are no more supportive of Animal Rights than are Conservatives. However, one cannot measure today’s liberals or socialists by a future yardstick.

Liberals of 200 years ago opposed slavery but would never have entertained the idea of racial equality. Socialists of 100 years ago supported women’s suffrage but never considered gay rights or the protection of the Environment.

We look to liberalism to challenge oppression because it has always done so. One would expect their compassionate and empathetic worldview to be much more receptive to Animal Rights in the future than Conservatives’, whose worldview is one of self-interest, private property, freedom to do what one wishes, and opposition to government regulation.

We look to socialism to reduce animal suffering because it provides no incentives to commit cruelty. Capitalism rewards animal consumption and exploitation.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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3 thoughts on “Conservatives: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!

  1. I disagree on the capitalism stand, compassionate capitalists are working to evolve consumers with products like Beyond Meat which has investments from capitalists like Bill Gates, and Twitters cofounder. Capitalism can help change hearts and minds. As people awaken to the suffering they cause daily consuming meat, new products will evolve to ease carnivores in their transition. These products come from capitalist. Faux fur, and faux leather, come from capitalist. Solar energy, wind power, comes from capitalists. Changing the world will take a global effort, and socialism is not the only option.


    • Capitalism works like a cancer. The driving force behind capitalism is greed. Capitalism only alleviates suffering if there is money to be made in doing so. Capitalism rewards the exploitation of both people and animals exponentially more than it rewards not exploiting them.

      Efficiency in slaughtering animals is rewarded by greater profits for reducing the costs of producing meat. There are no rewards or incentives for more humane treatment of those doomed animals, as such humane treatment increases costs. That is precisely why Big Ag opposes reducing the speed of slaughterlines, even though fast lines mean one in every twelve calves is still alive when their legs are chainsawed off.

      Attempts to legislate or enforce more humane treatment are fought by industry bribes to candidates and Congressmen.

      Only a socialist system, where no profit incentive for cruelty would exist, offers any hope to the thousands of billions of animals yet to be murdered by capitalists.


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