Greens in America

At the behest of a friend, I have spent some time familiarizing myself with the Green Party of the United States.

Unlike parliamentary democracies in Europe, where minor parties can effectively participate in the process, the US political system makes it almost impossible for minor parties to succeed.

The Greens in Europe are are an example of the former, the Greens in the US an example of the latter.

In philosophy and political positions, I cannot find any appreciable difference beween the US Greens and the Left wing of the Democratic Party.

The Greens distance themselves from Democrats by citing all the points of disagreement with Wall Street Democrats (those from Obama on down who control the party) but neglect to mention that the Left wing of the party is indistinguishable from the Greens.

The distinction seems only to be that the Greens have taken their marbles and gone home, while liberal Democrats continue to fight to gain control of the Democratic Party.

And taking control of the Democratic Party is a much more realistic goal than is growing the Greens into a major party in the US.

The Greens are no more sympathetic to Animal Rights than are liberals in general; both are equally silent on ending capitalism; and on global warming they both fall short of the radical approaches necessary.

The Greens are a dedicated and sincere group of progressives.
But they are a mosquito buzzing around the boxing ring.
They need to join us in being one of the boxers.



One thought on “Greens in America

  1. I take issue with your analysis of the Greens’ capability to effect change. While, as a minor party, our ability to dominate the political scene through numbers is impractical, but I think that our presence and our vocalizing leftist policies can be akin to the Tea Party movement. That movement, despite its low numbers, has pulled the Republicans even further rightward (as unthinkable as that may be). Where is the left’s countervailing force? It doesn’t exist in the Democratic Party (Bernie Sanders not withstanding). The current Democratic Party is to the right of DDE. What politician of either party would propose the Interstate Highway System today? Hell, they won’t even propose maintenance on the existing system, hence new construction consists of toll roads owned by private companies. We’ve come full circle and returned to the way colonial America built roads and bridges.

    As for us being the same as the Democrats? Well, we do not accept donations from other than “natural” citizens, one at a time. If that dooms us to irrelevance, so be it. At least there is a political party in America that is unsullied by the corruption of privately-funded elections.

    That’s the reason that the citizenry views all politicians as crooks. Because they only see the two dominant parties…and their assessment is correct.


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