Life Over Profits And Compassion Over Capitalism

Being vegan means you are a non-combatant in the war for Animal Rights. You aren’t doing the animals any harm, but you aren’t helping, either. If you want to help animals you need to something more than just not having them killed to order.

If you aren’t vegan, you are working for the enemies of animals. You are supporting the exloitation and murder of innocent creatures.

Time to switch sides.

If you wish to join us on the side of animals, you need to first recognize what this war is about, who are our enemies, and who are our allies.

Greed is the biggest factor in animal cruelty and animal exploitation. The engine of greed is capitalism.
Capitalism is a pernicious, evil, economic system which rewards greed, consumption, cruelty, and the destruction of the Environment and the pollution of the planet.

It creates demand for animal products, drives consumption of animal flesh, makes animal cruelty profitable, and bribes governments to pass laws favorable to continued animal exploitation.

It institutionalizes humanity’s basest instincts and extols them as guidelines for society.

If capitalism is the engine of animal cruelty, religion is the fuel.
The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all rely on the barbaric Old Testament teachings of human dominion over animals. Only Jainism, a minority religion in India, teaches not to harm any creature. Almost all other religions throughout history have demanded animal sacrifice, promoted cruelty, deemed humans above all, and jusified the most vile practices in the name of one god or another.

To end the Animal Holocaust we must bring down the governments which allow the horrors and debunk the ridiculous religions which justify those horrors.

We will not likely win Animal Rights in our lifetimes, or even in our grandchildren’s lifetimes. But if Animal Rights are to be won at all, they must come under a society which values life over profits and compassion over capitalism.

They can only come under a Socialist society.


One thought on “Life Over Profits And Compassion Over Capitalism

  1. beautifully said Roland: “It institutionalizes humanity’s basest instincts and extols them as guidelines for society”
    Bible, Tora, Koran are mostly collection of diaries of people who lived long ago and suffered for God – it is the preachers who mis.interpret and interpret any words (just as people interpret words that they didn’t write according to their NATURE, which is a complex and complex of conditionings that more often than not see and understand instead of US… words that men have dominion over animals is Spiritual dominion of men over the powers of God within MEN (senses, mind, powers to do and create, rupas, siddhas, etc.)
    Animal (word) comes from Anima (Psyche)… religion is interpretation, but if God directly is The Teacher, then we KNOW Truth and learn “dominion” over our own Anima(Psyche) by letting her to have dominion over mind with all Her powers (Karl Jung psychiatric help is better than his teacher’s Freud, who built everything on idea of sexual perversity – and sex – sexual power is the root of all violence and lust for power as well as the primordial sin of MIND having dominion over Anima (Psyche))…


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