Imaginary Gods and Imaginary Borders

Have you ever seen a border?
They aren’t really there.
They are make believe.

We humans kill each other over imaginary gods and imaginary lines we draw through forests, fields, lakes and rivers.
No other creature on Earth recognizes or respects them.
Animals step across them, birds fly over them, fish swim through them.

We shoot people who cross them!

This part of the planet is ours. You cannot be here.
Because we say so.
Because a bunch of us have decided we will kill any others who cross this make believe line.

Every human being on Earth has the same right to be here as you and I have. It follows that they have the right to go anywhere on Earth they please.

Why should anyone have the power or right to stop us?

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Gods and Imaginary Borders

  1. 1)Immigration is the largest contributor to the overpopulation problem in most “western” countries. Unfortunately, ” 3rd world” inhabitants have a high fertlity rate( which shows no sign of slowing) and a very, very large population of people who resist, or are ignorant about birth control.
    Borders are not needed by nonhuman animals as they do not have the violence, overconsumption, and overbreeding problems that are so prevalent in human animals.


  2. Good in abstraction. In the real world, fine outlook if you want countries to disappear and chaos to reign. Birds and animals don’t cause the problems people do.

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