Fundamentalist Christians Argue for Deism

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and most leaders of the Enlightenment would be considered atheists in today’s world.
In fact, they were Deists.
They acknowledged a god who set the world in motion, such as an Intelligent Designer, but eschewed the idea of a personal god, or one that was involved with the lives of people on Earth.
Curiously, the frantic efforts of fundamentalist Christians to prove that all Creation is the work of an Intelligent Designer would accomplish no more than to validate the views of the Deists.
Deists rejected the Bible as anything more than folklore and literature.
Deists rejected the divinity of Jesus.
Deists did not believe in personal salvation.
But they did believe in some amorphous, mysterious Higher Power.
So what is the point of proving Intelligent Design? Of validating Deism?
Why are fundamentalist Christians so obsessed with an Intelligent Designer?
Their purpose is disingenuous. Intelligent Design is for the consumption of the already converted.
Fundamentalist Christians use the Intelligent Designer argument as a propaganda tool to shore up the faithful and as a defense against science, knowledge, and particularly evolution.
Evolution totally debunks Christianity, so it must be opposed on all fronts.
Evolution proves there was no Adam and Eve.
No Adam and Eve, no Original Sin inherited by their descendents.
No Original Sin, no way to be saved from it.
No reason for Christ to have died for us.
No reason to be Saved.
No reason for Christianity.
To counter this repudiation of Christianity, fundamentalist Christians embark upon a fool’s errand: To shore up the Biblical account of Creation.
The universe created in 6 days.
The Sun created before galaxies.
Grass created before the Sun.
Man made from mud. Woman from his rib.
Talking snakes.
Dinosaurs on the Ark.
The lot.
And only persuasive to those who already buy into a sky wizard.


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