If There Is A God, I’ll Never Forgive Him

What kind of an evil being could allow innocent animals to be torn apart by predators?
Could allow animal abuse?
Could allow suffering, pain, and fear to be felt by innocent creatures?
Could demand animals to be killed and burned for His pleasure?
Could permit babies to die from disease, starvation, and injuries?
Could have committed the greatest holocaust in history, murdering millions of people and billions of animals?

And people worship this evil being?

I see Him as the enemy.

But I don’t think He’s really there.

3 thoughts on “If There Is A God, I’ll Never Forgive Him

  1. I almost had an orgasm when reading this. It s EXACTLY what i think and feel. When I ll for if he exists I ll just punch him and tell him what a disgusting monster he is and I ll go to the eternal hell at least with the satisfaction that i knows how own creation hates his guts. You can t fight him sing he s infinite powerful (of he exists) but at least you can hurt his zealous jealous hypocrite insane criminal sneaky blackmailing evil evil evil arse by hating him from to the very core of your very single atom of your body. He reminds me of some kindergarten child who thinks all is about “me me me”. Deluded attention seeker

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  2. Wow…I know the Bible exists because I’ve seen it, even read some of it…and I know it was written by mortals who have written many contradictions…keep that in mind…God gave us free will and put us here to learn LOVE…the people who commit atrocities towards ANY other living being has clearly used his free will in the most negative of ways and is as far away from the ultimate lesson as he can possibly be…our souls have a journey they have to make…our souls can choose good or bad…but to blame God for what we choose to do is NOT the right thinking…


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