Sins Of The Animals

Do animals sin?
A reasonable question? An even more reasonable answer is “Of course not.”
And if not, what theological justification can be advanced to explain why there are predators?

Even a child could conceive of a world in which animal populations are controlled by birth rates rather than by predation.
What kind of a God would create a world in which innocent creatures are ripped apart by predators? In which mothers are witness to their babies being carried off, screaming in terror? All this cruelty is visited upon innocent creatures for what reason?

The whole of nature a battlefield to survive.
Animals gripped by fear their whole lives.
And this is all without any human intervention or cruelty, which of course adds to animals’ nightmares.

Half of all living things on Earth have been killed off in the last four decades alone, because of human greed, ignorance and stupidity.
Couldn’t an omniscient God have foreseen that happening?
Is He cruel or just uncaring? Is He even there?

If He is, is He into blood lust? Does He enjoy the screams of animals in death throes? Does He enjoy the fear, the terror, the pain of innocent animals?

Theologians explain the cruelty of human suffering as being the result of human choices. Ludicrous as that suggestion is, there are no choices animals could have made to invoke the wrath of a deity.
The only explanations that readily come to mind are that there is no letting these horrors occur, or if there is, that He is a malignant, evil being.

Even more incredible than an evil or non-existent God are the minions who bend their knees to Him.

Humans are an incredibly stupid species, but perhaps never more so than when they pray to a God who is either evil or who doesn’t exist.


3 thoughts on “Sins Of The Animals

  1. Love how clearly you express yourself, Roland, and thanks for sharing with me. I have to once again point out that we can’t simultaneously blame “God” for things and then in the next breath say “He” doesn’t exist. The truth is that nature is cruel, life is cruel, but humans are as you stated, the stupidest species of all. That doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. It means that He (“I’m using “God” and “He” in the most frequently used terms although those are not comprehensive terms) simply didn’t foresee all the potentialities. Which means “He” isn’t a “He” at all. God is an IT, an energy, and yet is an intelligent energy. Perfectly intelligent? Of course not, any those who pretend God is perfect are doing their faith, and all humanity, a disservice. God is JUST LIKE US, we are made in HIS LIKENESS, that means HE CAN’T POSSIBLY BE PERFECT, because we are just LIKE Him. THAT IS WHY we have various types of faiths trying to get the same message across: A message that is almost always misinterpreted, distorted, and misunderstood. Here is the message that the Bible and other disciplines ACTUALLY teach: “DON’T MAKE THE SAME ERRORS I MADE. Signed, God.” Virtually every preacher, rabbi, and other person of faith have missed this HUGE ELEPHANT in the scriptural room. So even though God is an energy as opposed to a physical being (that is, the life force in every subatomic particle in all universes), there is still some degree of consciousness (“intelligence”) involved. Trying to evaluate “God” according to COMMON human terms is like trying to breathe water and eat air….. That said, animals will suffer, because that’s evolution. and the same God that presumably “created” all things over billions of years cannot prevent evolution. So those who continue to try to place God in tiny little boxes that never existed, and an analyze and define and evaluate God in mere human terms, are simply trying to use an ant to move a mountain. It just doesn’t work that way. And yet the “scientific” types keep trying to do so, proving that those with “scientific” minds (I have a real one, not a pretend one), are among the most stupid humans of all. Their minds are so limited, they can’t even understand there are things BIGGER than humans, and THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT, because as stated, humans are basically freakings stupid. Which means our own arrogance puts us at the bottom of the evolutionary heap. Love it when you contemplate these things, Roland, but you’re still stuck in that “It’s all God’s fault” mode, you can and will evolve past that. Open your mind, think in broader terms, you have the love and compassion that humans SHOULD have, I bless you for that dear one.


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