Why Being Vegan Isn’t Saving Animal Lives

Being vegan is an ethical stand, not one that assures animals won’t be killed. We refuse to eat or use the corpses of our friends, but nothing we do stops their being murdered.

Each of us vegans theoretically saves about 500 animals per year, but that is just theory. It is the number of animals an average person consumes, not a number that escape the knives.

When one stops eating meat and dairy, calves aren’t freed. Cows are still chainsawn while alive. Chickens don’t get to live out their lives unslaughtered.

Until vegans are a large enough portion of the population, all we do by not consuming meat, dairy, and eggs, is to divert those corpses to other uses: animal feed, pet food, fertilizer. And we will never be a large enough portion of the population as long as the human population is growing faster than the vegan population.

All we do is affect the price of corpses. They don’t stop the killing.

To end the killing we must bring down the system that allows it.

Until we can, we must work to limit the suffering. We need to make meat, dairy, and eggs more expensive. We must cause consumers to consume fewer corpses. We need to work to end corporate ownership of animals, favoring family farms. We need to require Big Ag to institute more humane treatment of animals, banning the butchering and boiling of live animals. That would mean slowing down the slaughter lines, hiring more inspectors, training workers, raising the pay for employees, costing the consumer more, reducing demand!

We should work to have meat and dairy taxed, to reflect the actual cost to society of their causing cardiovascular disease. Taxing meat will drive down demand, because it will increase costs.

Our ultimate goal must be to end capitalism, the leading cause of animal cruelty and exploitation on the planet. But that goal is years, decades, perhaps centuries, away. Meanwhile, we fight capitalists by making it harder for them to profit on animal misery and death.

Meat should be sold with health warnings, just like tobacco and alcohol are. We should fight for meatless school lunch programs, for vegan jails and prisons. We must fight dairy price supports and corporate welfare and subsidies to Big Business in general, and Big Ag in particular.

Only the political Left is willing to take on capitalism and the political lackeys who do its bidding. The Left are our allies, and the animals’ allies. We must vote against any and all conservatives, the primary stooges of Big Business, which means ALL Republicans and many Democrats.

Only the most Liberal Democrats are close to us politically.

Whether or not they are vegan, they are our only hope.

And the only hope for the animals.


4 thoughts on “Why Being Vegan Isn’t Saving Animal Lives

  1. I have always said that meat and dairy should be taxed and come with health warnings. That will be hard to do as you have meat and dairy companies telling everyone how ‘good’ it is for you. *vomit*

    But it is a good idea….we just need to start rallying for the change.

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  2. Some of these points have also been my argument. More is needed. But I doubt corporations will agree to any improvements unless something in it for them. Both liberals and conservatives are not helpful,a few handfuls on either side. That Bill Gates Harvest and California drought driving up prices seemed to be helpful but again not enough. The population seems fixed on flesh irregardless of the consequences,ie mad cow disease, bird flu, 3rd world country food shortages, doesn’t seem to be a deterrent. I have friends that love animals, take in strays, make donations and yet continue to indulge in cannibalism. There must be something we can do but I am perplexed as to what we can do.

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