Animal Activists: Radicals Who Don’t Know They Are Radicals

Most Animal Rights advocates have no idea how radical they are.
They would ban the consumption and use of animals.
They would ban slaughter.
They would ban animal ownership and replace it with guardianship.
They would end hunting, trapping, animals in entertainment.
They would close zoos, circuses, aquatic parks.
They would end horse racing, dog racing, bullfighting, rodeos.

These are positions to the Left of most Socialists, let alone Liberals.

In fact, the Animal Rights movement may be the most radical Leftist group in the world.

Most just haven’t realized it yet.

Capitalism is the driving force behind the Animal Holocaust, which claims the lives of a billion land animals a week, and ten billion sea creatures. Week in, week out, year after year.

Capitalism is responsible for the deaths of half of the world’s wildlife in just the last 40 years.

Capitalism is the enemy of animals, the enemy of people, the enemy of freedom, and the architect of environmental destruction.

Capitalism requires an unending supply of resources. It is unsustainable. It is clear-cutting the rainforests, polluting the oceans, causing global warming, destroying habitat, and killing our fellow Earthlings.

6 thoughts on “Animal Activists: Radicals Who Don’t Know They Are Radicals

  1. I love who I am, the values and believes I have. I am proud, true to my self,others, nature, fair, honest, respect, admire, appreciate, cherish Nature’s innocent living beings.I’ll fight for the humble, peaceful, logical, loving, vulnerable,helpless and wonderful living beings humans call animals.These great souls are suffering as we speak for no fault of their own. I will do what ever I can to stop all EVIL atrocities for good! For as long as I can and as long as I live. You can call me “radical”…so be it. Then, I AM PROUD RADICAL and I LOVE IT!!!!!

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    • It can never happen soon enough – but that is all the more reason never to stop, slow down or ignore that which is happening around us each and every day. Reach the children – plant the seeds of change because it is they who will soon be in charge of this planet and all who live on her. Must get them on the right path in life.

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