Here’s how animalists can contribute to socialist and anarchist publications

Species and Class is a niche leftist blog which focuses exclusively on issues relating to both speciesism and classism.
Jon Hochschartner set up the site and writes extensively for it.
In this piece, Jon provides links to leftist publications and urges animal activists to contribute articles for publication and comments to focus the broader left on animal issues.

Worthwhile as such a course of action may be, I believe it is a project which should assume the dimensions of a campaign, with a compliment of writers, motivated activists, strategic planning, repetitive messaging, measurable goals, and coordinated oversight.

If any readers are interested in participating in such a campaign, please let me know.

Species and Class


By Jon Hochschartner

So in the hopes of making the animalist movement less politically isolated, I think it would be really cool if anti-speciesists participated more in conversations among the broader left. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of contact information for a variety of socialist and anarchist publications. Send them an animalist article or letter to the editor! If any of the email addresses below are incorrect, or if you have contact information for other publications that should be on this list, let me know.

Jacobin Magazine:

Z Magazine:

Socialist Worker:

Weekly Worker:



International Socialist Review:

Hampton Institute:

People’s World:

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal:


Industrial Worker:

Kasama Project:

Against the Current:

Socialist Viewpoint:

System Change Not Climate Change:

The Militant:

Democratic Socialists of America publications:

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