Sending The Revolution By Email

The internet affords us the ability to organize as no movement has ever organized before.

Imagine how quickly Christianity would have spread had the internet existed 2,000 years ago. Imagine the Enlightenment having transformed Europe in decades instead of centuries.

Even the struggle against Jim Crow and segregation would have been decided in years instead of decades.

We each have hundreds of email contacts and social media friends. Multiply that by the thousands of activists and we have a demographic that is huge, engaged, and easily reached, and efficiently mobilized.

The key is getting everyone on the same page, no mean feat when the Animal Rights movement covers the gamut from rescuers to revolutionaries.

Our initial task is to educate our own troops, to share information, strategies, goals, and analyses. Then to motivate and organize ourselves into a cohesive, directed force.

Step one can begin right now: Share this with your friends. Then share all the strategic information that you receive, all the political intelligence, all the campaigns. Educate your friends!

Let them know who our allies are, who are the animals’ enemies, who are our target audiences, whom we can influence, whom we can trust.

The revolution is underway, although it is off to a very slow start!

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