Class Struggle: The Ruling Class Against Everyone Else

“Class Struggle” has been the heart of traditional Marxist socialism since Marx and Engels penned their revolutionary tomes in the late 1800s.

Modern communists and industrial socialists are still steeped in the dogma of class warfare, class struggle, and the stratification of society by class.

Social classes of the Nineteenth Century were markedly different from those of today. Most of the abject poverty Marx observed in England is gone. The horrendous working conditions of working class laborers no longer exist. Child labor has been eliminated. Social safety nets are to be found in most enlightened countries, even in the most capitalist of nations.

Labor is no longer a revolutionary force. Nor are the poor, people of color, gay people, or women.

Economic circumstances, however bleak, do not cause Americans to militate for overthrowing government.

That a Black man is president of the country has given hope to persons of color that injustices and prejudices are finally being overcome. Regardless of the truth of the matter, revolution is rarely entertained as being necessary, or possible.

Even the most radical revolutionaries of the Left do not seriously consider revolution a near term course of action.
A successful revolution requires a critical mass of the populace, a constituency sufficiently disaffected and oppressed that rising against the government seems a reasonable course of action.

No radical I know believes a revolution likely. And no one is planning one, either.
Almost all Leftists believe that political and non-violent solutions should be pursued.

We do not believe it is possible to change the government by changing elected officials.

Many of us do believe it is possible to change the government by changing the political system.

America is a fascist state, which means that Big Business and the corporatocracy controls government. Almost nothing becomes law unless green-lighted by Big Business. That power was purchased with political bribery, popularly called campaign contributions.

But politicians don’t stay bought. And there is a constant turnover in elected officials and their appointed regulators and judges. To keep the influence they have bought requires that capitalists constantly pour money into political coffers.

Big Business, their lobbyists, and PACs spend hundreds of millions of dollars every two years on campaigns. They do so because their hammerlock on government and their bought-and-paid-for political puppets could slip away.

Not likely, but it is possible. That possibility keeps the bribes flowing, keeps the politicians in line, keeps special interest legislation on everyone’s desk, and makes sure that whatever business interests spread enough money around that the interests will be protected from government or that government will protect them from the people.

The people cannot begin to compete with the oligarchs in bribing politicians. The oligarchs and Big Business have more money than we do.

But we outnumber them.

Imagine what the people could do if we were united. If we understood what was going on. If we rose up against the system.

Imagine public financing of campaigns, political bribery a crime.

Imagine politicians answering to the voters.

Imagine the redistribution of wealth, an end to poverty.

Imagine the Animal Holocaust ending.

Imagine an end to capitalism.

Imagine the future.

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