There are some crimes that are so horrific that normal criminal penalties seem entirely inadequate to impose.

Murdering children and pedophilia spring to mind. But even those pale when compared to genocide and other war crimes.

And eco-cide.

Eco-cide, the killing of the environment upon which we all depend for life and sustenance is one of the worst crimes a person can commit. It’s victims are people and animals: billions of people and trillions of animals.

And it is being committed by capitalists in board rooms every day.

While the state is running around jailing poor urban youth for petty offenses, the oligarchs running Big Oil and Big Agriculture are committing the atrocities of the Ages against us all.

The damage being done to the environment is unbelievable. Half of all life on Earth has been killed in the last 40 years, primarily by capitalists.

The Earth is being warmed by carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, and any attempts to rein in the industries responsible is blocked by capitalists and their bought-and-paid-for legislators in capitalist countries around the world.

These criminals must be brought to justice.

The members of the boards of directors of Big Oil, Big Ag, and of the Big Banks which finance the plunder of the Earth and the destruction of the oceans, rainforests, and our atmosphere should stand trial for eco-cide.

Oh, there is no crime of eco-cide on the books?

Care to guess why not? Or whom the lawmakers are protecting?

And why one won’t be adopted?

One thought on “Eco-cide

  1. The loss of half the species on Earth is indeed a crime. I would argue that even the slaughter of billions of farmed animals pales by comparison to the permanent loss of half the world’s wildlife. This is true genocide, the murder of genera.
    Unfortunately, this is an issue which few socialists and few vegans appreciate. Thank you for helping to circulate the recent Counterpunch article on overpopulation, which I have also been doing. There is more to capitalist ideology than economics: organized religion has played a major role in promoting overpopulation. Too many socialists still cling to the outdated Marxist idea that human population growth can be sustained as long as resources are distributed more equitably.
    And too many vegans, following a utilitarian calculus of the number of domestic animals killed for food, seem content with not personally consuming animal products, while ignoring the plight of wildlife.

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