Socialists Eat Less Meat Than Do Capitalists

Per capita consumption of meat continues to increase. Further compounded by the increase in human population, the number of animals killed to satisfy human blood lust has never been higher.

And the future is even more bleak.

Humans slaughter a billion animals per week in slaughterhouses, another ten billion a week in gill nets, factory ships, and long lines.
And those numbers are going to grow exponentially with the increase in human population and the projected increase in per capita consumption of animal corpses.

The highest per capita consumption of meat is to be found in wealthy capitalist countries, the lowest in Third World and socialist nations.

Meat is, unarguably, a capitalist delicacy.

Per capita meat consumption in socialist countries today is less than half that in capitalist countries, and in many cases, considerably lower. In Cuba, for example, it is 20% of that in the US.

Translation: Were socialism to displace capitalism, billions fewer animals would die each year.

That alone is justification enough to embrace socialism.

2 thoughts on “Socialists Eat Less Meat Than Do Capitalists

  1. We know that a plant-based diet would free-up the grain now used to feed cattle and make it available to feed people. As the human population grows and as climate-based desertification increases, there will be less arable land and less water available for crops.

    Maybe the growing and increasingly hungry human population will resent it when the grain they can’t have is going to produce meat they can’t afford.

    A little class warfare may speed things along.


    • Unfortunately, history shows us that human beings are slow learners; long- term plans are foreign to our basically primitive brain centers. Humans like convenience items, and junk food. The only reason ” 3rd world” or ” socialist” countries( whatever that means) dont eat more animals is simply because they dont yet have the infrastructures that readily support wide-scale ” animal agriculture”. When that happens, they will also be stuffing their faces with bacon, buffalo wings, and cheese burgers. Please stop confusing this lack of access with a non- existent moral code.


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