Rescuers To Revolutionaries

Almost all of us began our involvement with the Animal Rights movement as rescuers.
Saving homeless dogs and cats.
Feeding strays. Fostering animals set to die in shelters. Adopting ones we couldn’t place.

Only becoming familiar with the horrors of the meat, leather, dairy, and egg industries from colleagues in the movement.

Even then, most animal activists did not become vegan immediately. Most never do.

Most rescuers are not vegan, or even vegetarian. They love dogs and cats but are oblivious to the plights of calves, lambs, and piglets.

They may join us in fighting to end fur, bullfighting, rodeos, horse and dog racing, vivisection, aquatic parks, sealing, whaling, ivory, and religious sacrifice.

As they come realize there is no difference between a baby pig and a baby dog they may join in the broader fight to end the Animal Holocaust.

When they learn that businesses murder a billion animals a week in slaughterhouses, those activists commit to fighting Big Agriculture.

Then they learn that Big Agriculture is only part of the problem. Conservative politicians are the tools Big Ag uses to block all attempts to eliminate cruelty in the slaughterhouses. Calves are cut up alive because it would cost too much to slow down the production lines to make sure the animals are unconscious. Chickens are boiled alive because capitalists don’t want to reduce their profits by making sure chickens are dead before being thrown into boiling water to remove feathers.

As these and a multitude of other horrors are discovered by our new activists, they graduate to full-fledged enemies of the capitalist system which causes these atrocities.

They become revolutionaries.

Animal activists value life more than they do business, government, profits, or people’s dietary preferences.
We believe ending the Animal Holocaust is more important than supporting our government.
We believe the lives of billions of animals is justification for revolution to stop the slaughter.

We do not yet have the numbers to successfully overthrow the capitalist system. There are not enough of us yet to arrest the lobbyists, the politicians, or the boards of directors of Big Ag, Wall Street, Big Banks.

But our numbers are growing. And they are primarily growing because of rescuers who follow our lead.

Rescuers are the key to winning the War for Animal Rights. They are the future of the movement, the comrades we will need to help us win.

The War may not be won for decades, but everything we do today will impact the future.

And the most important thing we can be doing is recruiting rescuers, educating rescuers, and turning them into Animal Rights activists.

And turning Animal Rights activists into revolutionaries.

To educate, motivate, and mobilize our troops means providing them with information, political insight, strategic thinking, plans, goals, and strategies.

This blog is only one of many sources of information for animal activists, but it is a great place to start.

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One thought on “Rescuers To Revolutionaries

  1. Your words are a reminder to me every day…to become a better person, a better advocate, and to stay on track…I don’t always do the right thing and have been trying to counsel myself on such…thank you for your articles that encourage me and help me see.

    Liked by 1 person

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