Can You Envision Revolution?

Revolution is probably necessary to end the Animal Holocaust.

And it is likely well below the horizon.

Most of us cannot even envision revolution. Guns? Violence? Storming the halls of government?

Not necessarily.

Revolution need not be violent.

Revolution can be achieved through sheer numbers in the streets.

Revolution can be achieved through a critical mass of people refusing to be bullied, exploited, or controlled.

Revolution can happen at the ballot boxes, in the streets, and in the neighborhoods.

It can happen when enough people say “enough.”

When people say no to the status quo, to corporations, to capitalism, to consumption, to greed, and to avarice.

We do not need to stockpile weapons. We do not need to resort to violence or blowing up government buildings or burning down slaughterhouses.

We can win either by the number of bodies or by the number of bullets.

I choose to win by having more people at our side than against us.

That requires a critical mass of folks willing to stand up against the fascist state. And those folks are who we are in the business of recruiting.

Revolution will require a broad coalition of constituencies that oppose capitalism and its cruelty and exploitation: Environmentalists, social justice advocates, anti-war activists, occupiers, prison reformers, and consumers.

Every day. Online and off. We must recruit. We must educate. We must organize.

Every mind we change and every activist we recruit is growing the mass we need to topple the system.

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