The Pro-Life Asylum

So called “pro-lfe” advocates insist that abortion is against God’s will.
They insist that “life begins at conception.”
They believe that a zygote is a human being.
That a fertilized egg has a soul.

But when asked to defend such ludicrous propositions, none can point to anything in the Bible which supports their position.

Nothing in the Ten Commandments about abortion.
Nothing in the words of Jesus about abortion.
None of the epistles of Paul mentions abortion.

One would have thought that God would have foreseen all this abortion going on and would have at least had a word or two to say on the subject.

But, He didn’t.

In fact, the Bible has a lot more to say on the subject of the Earth being flat than it has to say about abortion or birth control, two of the most enthusiastic issues for the lunatic “pro-life” crowd.

The fact is that the “pro-life” movement is a creation of the radical right. In the 70s, facing a growing feminist movement which was attracting even moderate women to its ranks, conservatives needed an issue to divide women. Enter the “pro-life” movement!

Until 1972, even the ultra Conservative Southern Baptist Convention supported abortion.

Then, one Sunday, the right wing preachers got the memo.
Abortion is murder!
Liberals defy God!
Feminists are butchers!

The lunatics had taken over the asylum.


6 thoughts on “The Pro-Life Asylum

  1. Opposing abortion doesn’t need to be based on the Bible or any knowledge of a One True Religion. It’s not even a spiritual matter. It’s a biological matter. There is a living human being inside your womb and it has rights that must be defended by the government.

    Of course the far right is going to lead the charge against abortion. Just like the far left leads the charge in favor of homosexual rights. Extremists on any side are the most motivated. But most Americans, from those on the right, to the middle, and even in the left, want to make abortion more rare. Are you against this?

    You fail to consider that there are strong-willed women who are pro-life. Do you not count them as feminists? Why do you have to be a liberal to be considered a thoughtful woman?


    • Your categorical pronouncement that a woman’s womb contains a human being is the subject of great debate and disagreement.

      And your analysis totally ignores the rights of women to exercise control over their own bodies.

      The police-state mentality of the right asserting jurisdiction over women’s vaginas is an outrageous interference with women’s rights.

      Curious that a political philosophy which stresses individual responsibility would support the government abrogating a woman’s personal responsibility.

      The degree of interference with personal freedom couldn’t be more pronounced than having the government sticking its nose into women’s reproductive rights.


      • There is no debate. A zygote has a full sequence of nucleotides in its DNA — billions long. It is indeed living, and it is indeed human. It is not a cow zygote or a frog zygote. It is a human zygote.

        My analysis does not ignore the rights of women. Women are free to believe that the 10-week-old fetus she wants to abort is only as valuable as an earthworm. Such fetuses are indeed only as smart as earthworms. Not everyone who is pro-life wants to make life more difficult for women.

        But let’s tax abortion. There are sin taxes on things like smoking. There should be a progressive tax on abortion. Again, millionaires should have to pay thousands of dollars to get one.

        That way, we can fund welfare for women who are pregnant and in poverty. If we reward them with welfare they will carry through their pregnancy.

        With that said, abortion should be legal because we can’t force women to have the same moral values as us. There is nothing anti-women’s rights about my position.

        But the government does have a right to stick its nose in reproduction. The government sticks its nose in a lot of things, such as drug use. Government has a responsibility to make sure abortion is rare. Bill Clinton campaigned that abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare.” I agree.


  2. We do have evidence from the writings of early Church Fathers that early Christians abhorred abortion. It was as bad a sin as adultery or murder. But for whatever reason, the priests of the Church who compiled the books of the Bible over a thousand years ago didn’t see a need to include anything that spoke specifically about abortion.

    You see, abortion was different back then. It wasn’t done by a doctor. It was done by the pregnant person. They forced a miscarriage somehow. Some women were unsuccessful and had to carry through with the pregnancy.

    Life does, indeed, begin at conception. A zygote is just as living as any other single-celled organism. But vastly superior. For it only remains one cell for a few minutes at the most. It quickly divides into a bi-cellular organism. And within minutes it is many cells. No other single cells can do that.
    It is purely speculation whether a fertilized egg has a soul or not. But I believe that our true soul is our nervous system. Our brain and nerves. They occupy our entire body and the electrical energy that emanates from it is what psychics see as our soul. By the end of the third week after conception, nerve growth begins on a sheet of cells that will eventually become the spinal chord. I believe that is when the soul begins.

    I am pro-life and I am not in favor of making birth control illegal. I believe birth control is necessary for a responsible person trying to enjoy sex without the risk of pregnancy. If you truly don’t want your sex to lead to pregnancy, it is your responsibility to get your tubes tied. I believe the government should pay for poor people to get birth control surgery if they want it (not by force). The government has a responsibility to make sure that new fetuses are going to be created that are ultimately going to be killed by abortion.

    But it should be legal while we work to eradicate the problem. Let’s not take away women’s rights. If someone feels that killing a 10-week-old fetus has the moral equivalency of killing an earthworm (which such a fetus would be as smart as at that point), we can’t force her to feel it is the same as murdering a human being that is more developed.

    And it should also be legal to pray how we wish. It is nobody’s business if a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy. And it is nobody’s business if we choose to pray outside an abortion clinic — hoping that the woman considering an abortion might change her mind. You see, not everyone who is pro-life wants to make life more difficult for woman. In a perfect world, women in poverty who become pregnant would qualify for additional welfare from the government. No one would have to kill their baby because they couldn’t afford it.

    We just want to stop abortion from happening. Let’s have government-funded vasectomies and tubal ligations so people can have sex without worrying about pregnancy.

    Let’s tax abortion. We have sin taxes on things like smoking. There should be a progressive tax for people who want an abortion. The more money you make, the more you should have to pay the government so we can subsidize the welfare for women who will carry through with their pregnancy. I don’t see why a millionaire shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get an abortion.

    You seem to hate on the Bible because the ancient Jews who wrote it believed in a flat earth. Surely, their 2 creation stories in Genesis can’t both be literally true. But to deny that a God created us is being a bit ignorant of His creation. Everything in its order, both the things that creep upon the face of the Earth, and the planets and celestial bodies which move around the galaxy in their regular motion, do testify that there was an intelligent designer. Just look at how organized a colony of ants are. And how intelligent we are. If aliens found a planet full of automobiles, they would see the automobiles as evidence of creators. Why can’t you see this?

    Amen to you from this pro-life Christian.


    • If the Biblical texts opposing abortion have never been read by modern pro-lifers, their position is not based on the Bible or any knowledge of your One True Religion hypothesis.

      The fact remains that the pro-life movement was a creation of the far right in response to the growing impact of feminism.


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