Predators: Proof There Is No God

Actually, that’s not correct. The existence of predators doesn’t prove there is no god. It proves there is no loving god.

The terror, pain, suffering, and mourning for lost family that prey animals must endure every day of their lives could not possibly have been engineered by a compassionate god.

Could a loving god inflict such cruelty upon innocent creatures?

Could a loving god approve of live animals being ripped apart? Eaten while still alive? Of animals living in constant fear? Watching their babies being carried off, screaming for their mothers?

Our forebears were prey of jaguars, panthers, and lions. What kind of a god would allow a little baby to be another’s lunch?

A god might be responsible for all this cruelty, but I seriously doubt it. That’s because I don’t believe there is any god.

But if there is a god, he is a cruel, uncaring, blood-thirsty lunatic.

Even a child could envisage a world where populations were controlled by birth rates rather than predation.

And if there is a god, I don’t want anything to do with him.


3 thoughts on “Predators: Proof There Is No God

  1. I go with religion being too anthropocentric, not broad enough, stuck in the past, and too human ‘oriented’. Animals do have Soul. One need only look at their eyes. Soul is the “life force” that makes every living creature alive, or they could not move or function! It would indeed, be very wise, to not assume that what ‘every man or woman Says’. is the Absolute Truth. I for one, truly believe that there were many texts of scripture, that were deliberately omitted from the Bible, and that these omitted writings, had to do, with the Animals of God’s Creation. I may not be right, but this is what I suspect, because of the inherent Evil, of man.The question I would ask, is “Who has these ancient texts, and where are they? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know?


    • Christianity is only one of many religions. The issue of reincarnation is a tenet in some ” eastern” belief systems and is used to assist in explaining debt/ karma for both human and nonhuman animals. But even this cant explain why a truly ” loving creator” would make her/his/its “children” prove themselves worthy by enduring pain and suffering. Even the idea of ” free will” is ludicrous when an all- knowing higher power could just create a perfect existence for everyone.


  2. You’re asking Job’s biggest question: Why do the innocent suffer? Why would a just and merciful God allow it, much less cause it?

    Religion answers that the suffering of the innocent this life is made up for in heaven, just as the guilty face punishment in hell.

    Unfortunately, that explanation just pertains to human beings, the only creatures upon whom God bestowed an immortal soul.

    So where does that leave animals–the innocent and terrified deer chased by the equally innocent but hungry wolves who will tear them apart? No wolf malice involved, just nature. But Religion tells us that neither deer nor wolf will get mercy in this life or justice in the next.

    Obviously, Religion’s answers will not satisfy most people who value animal lives. We can either abandon Religion altogether or suggest that the theologies of the major religions are stuck in the myths of the past. They are too anthropocentric, too exclusive of all that is not human, too small in scope to explain the vastness of the universe, too confined to tiny tiny time spans.

    So two choices are to espouse atheism or to avoid the small answers of Religion now and keep the big questions open. Then we can focus on the animals.

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