I No Longer Work For Animal Rights

Animal Rights is the legal recognition of the rights of non-human animals by government.

No government on Earth presently recognizes animals’ rights to be free of ownership, slavery, exploitation or murder.

And only a handful of people are actually working toward animals receiving such legal protections by governments around the world.

Among them is Steven M Wise, an American lawyer, law professor, and legal scholar. He and his staff of attorneys and support personnel recently fought valiantly, and in vain, to convince a New York court to award personhood status to a chimpanzee.

Wise is a brilliant lawyer, and doubtless fully anticipated the loss. His goal was, and continues to be, pushing the envelope of the legal theory of personhood.

Unfortunately, the courts are at least fifty years behind the legislatures, and the legislatures are at least fifty years behind animal activists.

The incredible expenditure of time, money, and resources that would be required to begin to make a dent in the legal system should instead be invested in throwing out the legal system.

Each day that the capitalist system continues to exist, and the legal system continues to exist that supports it, almost 200 million animals are hacked to death on slaughterhouse killing floors.

Animal activists who are not working on Animal Rights are everyone other than Steven M Wise and a few other lawyers.

Everything other than convincing legislatures and courts to adopt Animal Rights is animal protectionism. Rescuing dogs and cats from kill shelters, feeding feral colonies, neutering, ALF raids, crewing with Sea Shepherd, protesting, emailing, etc., are all animal welfare efforts.

Those of us who wish to see an end to the Animal Holocaust and a world in which animals have those basic rights we as humans declare for ourselves, must advocate for revolution.

Only revolution has the possibility of achieving rights for our fellow Earthlings.

As long as capitalism and private property are tolerated by society, animals will be enslaved, tortured, and killed to satisfy greed and make money for cruel, uncaring people.

Like almost every animal activist. I work on campaigns for animal protection and animal welfare.

I no longer work for Animal Rights. I work for revolution. Which is the only way one can effectively work for Animal Rights.


2 thoughts on “I No Longer Work For Animal Rights

  1. My significant other could have written your post, & I also share your view — in theory. But I have to live not only for the future but also in the present, where there are feral colonies to feed & tethered dogs to be freed. I’m aware that from one theoretical perspective we actually damage our effort by such palliative measures & prevent the revolution from ripening — would you go so far as that? What are we to do about those animals that need our help right now?

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    • As I indicated, I work on animal protection and animal welfare campaigns and causes. I run a small dog rescue, California Desert Dogs. I trap, neuter, and release feral cats. I support ALF raids and efforts to improve conditions in the food system. I support No Kill shelters. But most of my time is spent trying to radicalize the Animal Rights movement. What we are doing is not working. We are trying to turn the tide with teacups. We need to become part of the broader Left, join in coalitions with others seeking social and economic justice. Animal rescue, animal welfare, animal rights are all part of socialist revolution, even if that is not apparent when we save a dog or place a cat.


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