Speciesism: The Worst Evil The World Has Ever Known

Speciesism is the belief that one sentient species is more deserving of life than another. It is the new challenge of liberals, the Left, and animal rights activists.

Speciesism is practiced by almost the entire human race. It is more vile and evil than is racism. It is racism’s older brother.

More deaths can be ascribed to speciesism than to wars, racism, religion, or any other cause, by several orders of magnitude.

Speciesism is the reason for the Animal Holocaust, the justification for mass murder, the explanation for cruelty, rape and torture upon the weak and the defenseless.

Even the most callous conservatives would decry such treatment of humans, yet they are the champions of those who commit daily atrocities against animals in the name of business, profits, and free enterprise.

Speciesism is accepted as completely normal throughout most of society. Those who fight against racism, bigotry, oppression, and the exploitation of the powerless, would be expected to also fight speciesism, but most actually embrace it.

Since humans climbed out of the trees there has been an arrow of progress and enlightenment which has gradually led the human race to forgo genocide, pillaging, conquering, and raping those who could be subdued. It no longer considers human slavery as normal or acceptable.

The logical and inevitable progress of human civilization should be the rejection of speciesism as well. And if such is the case, humans have far to go in terms of social evolution and societal development.

The most likely opponents of speciesism in the years to come are those on the political Left, those who have historically opposed slavery, racism, patriarchy, and sexism. Thse who have championed the rights of people of color, of women, of gays, of the physically and developmentally challenged.

The Left of today is certainly not there yet, but the Left of yesterday is the Right of today. Todays teahadists, crazy as they are, are still more liberal than were the liberals of Lincoln’s era. Liberals back then opposed not only Blacks voting, but women voting as well. And would have laughed at the prospect of a women on the ticket for president. The tea pot types enthusiastically supported Sarah Palin, a candidacy which would have horrified 19th Century liberals, let alone conservatives, not for her policies but for her gender.

Liberals and leftists are slowly coming to recognize universal rights, and the Animal Rights movement is slowly coming to recognize that it is a leftist movement.

The Animal Rights movement is part of the broader Left. It shares the biggest common enemy with the Left: capitalism.

Capitalism rewards most of the animal cruelty and exploitation in the world with profits. The Animal Holocaust is a product of capitalism, as are factory fishing fleets, rainforest clear-cutting, vivisection, animal trafficking, breeding, etc.

Speciesism may never be completely eradicated.  It might not even be significantly reduced. But if is to be combated at all, it will be by comrades on the left. Those who have fought racism, patriarchy, xenophobia, homophobia, and nationalism.


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