The Animals Are Losing

We are losing. The animals are losing.
Not eating them has no more affect on ending slaughter than not watching porn hinders the porn industry.
People are having children faster than we are creating vegans.
The Animal Holocaust is anticipated to grow in size and scope.
Over a billion animals have their throats cut every week in slaughterhouses. That number is expected to grow to three billion per week in twenty years.
What we are going isn’t working.
Animals are being bred and killed faster than we can help them.
If we are going to change the world we need to recognize that we need a vision for doing so.
Capitalism is the engine of the Animal Holocaust. Conservatives are their enablers and apologists.
We would do more for animals throwing conservatives out of office than by doing ANYTHING else.

It is conservatives in Congress who continually block any attempts to ban cruel animal production practices. Veal crates, gestation crates, debeaking, etc. The most unbelievable thing Big Ag does to animals is run slaughter lines as fast as possible. The faster they run, the more profitable the killing. Conservatives block attempts to slow the lines down, even though fast lines are responsible for one in every 12 cows and calves having their legs cut off while they are still conscious. It is why chickens are thrown alive into boiling water to remove their feathers.

We need to join forces with progressive activists who are also working on changing the world: those seeking human rights, social and economic justice, and peace. The anti-globalists, prison reformers, gays, women, environmentalists, occupiers, and liberals and leftists everywhere.


2 thoughts on “The Animals Are Losing

  1. I agree with most of your assessment. Yet while conservatives deserve most of the blame, liberals and even progressives are largely complicit in much of the conservative-led legislation and policies harming animals and humans. So my only question is whether we need just need to rid ourselves of conservatives or do that plus reform the progressive movement to accomplish our objectives.

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    • As a practical matter, we do it in order. We need progressives and liberals to defeat the conservatives. Liberals and progressives who do not give a damn about animals are still better friends to them than are conservatives. Liberals oppose political bribery, the primary tool of Big Ag and other animal exploiters and murderers. They oppose Big Ag’s hammerlock on the Departments of Agriculture and Interior. They oppose delisting animals from the Endangered Species list and support strengthening the EPA. They are fighting Big Ag and Big Oil on climate change.

      So, while we disagree on animal rights, they are the best we can do until we install a revolutionary government, one day in the future. Likely the distant future.

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