Please Sign This Petition So We Can Dun You For Money

Humane Society International, an organization I support, is circulating a petition to end the dog meat trade in Asia.

The petition is a ridiculous waste of time and energy.

Petitioning people in other countries to discontinue what they consider to be their cultural traditions and birthrights is a strategy doomed to failure.

Asians and Africans are not going to discontinue eating dogs anymore than Americans would discontinue eating cows if petitioned by a bunch of residents of India.

All this type of petition accomplishes is to waste the time of activists, and lull them into thinking they have done some good.

A much more effective, if illegal, strategy, would be to arm activists in dog eating countries, after training them in ALF style raids, stealth burglary, and assisting them in smuggling saved dogs out of the countries.

But this petition is not a serious attempt to end the dog meat trade.
It is a serious attempt to raise money to (hopefully) fight the dog meat trade.

The petition is a fund raising tool, and a way to build a database of activists who feel strongly about stopping the dog meat trade.

However, activists are not the people who should be tapped for campaign donations. This campaign should be funded by the general public, and HSI should be raising money from dog lovers in English speaking countries rather than bleeding the very troops who are the last line of defense for animals and the people who fund almost all animal protection campaigns.

The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) is skilled at raising money from the general public to be used for animal protection campaigns. Those running HSI should take a page from Wayne Pacelle’s playbook.

We are all on the same side. And hitting up activists is to pluck low hanging fruit at the expense of every other worthwhile campaign.


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