Veganism Is Socialist Revolution

It my not be readily apparent, but refusing to take a bite of meat or a swallow of milk is a revolutionary statement. It is a first step toward changing the world.

Veganism is the most radical idea in history. It requires the recognition of the rights of animals. It values life over convenience and greed.

But among ethical vegans, there are two very different kinds of vegans.

There are those who work tirelessly to recruit others to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle.

And there are those who see that approach isn’t working.

We all need to get on the same page.

Vegans are not going to end the Animal Holocaust. Vegans are not going to slow global warming, stop rain forest clear-cutting, or prevent the extinction of wildlife.

That is because stopping the consumption of animals by a tiny fraction of the populace has no effect upon the number of animals being murdered. Every animal in the food system will die a violent death, every one will suffer. Their corpses will become human food, animal food, fertilizer, or rendered into soap, cosmetics, and chemicals. Nothing we do as vegans can save a single living creature. Just because we refuse to consume them doesn’t mean the capitalists will set them free. They won’t.

Veganism is merely a small part of a larger struggle, a struggle for peace, compassion, justice for both people and animals. A struggle against oppression, exploitation, and tyranny. A struggle for compassion over corporations, for principles over profits, for ethics over ego, logic over myth, for people over business, and for the environment over everything.

Whether ethical vegans recognize it or not, veganism is not compatible with capitalism or with conservatism.

Veganism posits the end of the Animal Holocaust, in which capitalists murder 50 billion animals every year in slaughterhouses.

The Animal Holocaust could not occur without the legal systems which allow for the ownership of animals. Veganism is directly at odds with every legal system in the world.

Veganism is a precursor to social revolution. And that is true because our political, economic, and legal systems will not willingly surrender their power over animals nor will they abandon the profits to be made on animal slavery and animal corpses.

Every ethical vegan is a revolutionary deep in his or her heart.

Every ethical vegan is an enemy of the corporate state which defends and enables animal cruelty, suffering, and exploitation.

Every ethical vegan is a leftist, whether they know it yet or not.

And every ethical vegan is a socialist, even if they don’t know what that means.

Socialism does not reward animal exploitation. There is no profit to be made on animals in a socialist society.

So even a socialist society indifferent to animal suffering would account for much less suffering than would occur in a capitalist society in which people and corporations are free to own, torture, murder, and sell the corpses of animals.

Our vegan comrades will eventually come to realize that the interests of animals can only be achieved through dismantling the oppressive systems under which we live.

When that occurs, revolution will be inevitable.


4 thoughts on “Veganism Is Socialist Revolution

  1. ‘For people, not for profit’ makes sense to me. Profit is a good thing, however this slogan can be rewritten as to its’ intent: “For people, not for narrow profit’ Capitalism sacrifices our souls in the name of narrow profit leaving out in the cold. Our souls cry out at the daily slaughter and torment of our animal fiends. We under this unnecessary anti-collaborative system are left out; cold in a ditch. Their production system has no care for our wellbeing [profit].
    I started as a health oriented vegan and see that as a necessary beginning. Involved self interest has taught me the animal consumption in any form is unnecessary and toxic. Whether science inquiry will lead others to give up the habit is another story. It will, I believe lead to a vast movement and clamor toward a plant-based-diet.
    This movement I hope will create the opening we are looking for the embracing of ethical veganism. The current revolution in science which the meat and junk food industry hates: is the Human Gut Project. When we eat we are feeding our cells, yet we have a community of bacteria which out number our own by 90% to 10%. These bacteria thrive off resistant starch and plants. Further, we learn that it is the bacteria who produce the Vitamin b12, the active Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin K2/4. It is the bacteria that transform the anti-nutrients such as lectins, phytates and oxalates into usable pro health promoting forms. All of this is well documented for us to enjoy and appropriate the results (through entrance in the study itself, through prebiotics, probiotics and home fermentation done right)..
    Yes, we have been duped into the omnivore trap. Vegans I hope also will wake up and start treating themselves right by feeding their biome and realizing that we are meant to eat plants only. We do not need a bunch of self destructive vegans walking around.

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  2. Yes , Capitalism , is close to collapse at anyone time in reality . the over throwing by the masses will be an event that will happen in our life times because none of this is sustainable .
    Consumerism and over human population is not ‘sustainable’ because the natural world will fail under the pressure . For example , the Honey Bees are going extinct . Food production will cease in the western world and their solution to develop the Undeveloped world will suffer and fail because of climate change and extreme weather events made worse because of deforestation and greenhouse gases .
    So we are actually in the end of times , not in the Biblical context , but , in the self destruction of capitalism . We have less than 10 years .

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