What We Must Do While Waiting For Revolution

There are not yet enough animal activists and revolutionaries to burn down the slaughterhouses and storm the halls of government.

Not enough of us to take over the corporate offices of the animal slaughter industries and arrest the boards of directors.

Not enough revolutionaries to occupy Wall Street and arrest the criminals who control the US economy.

We aren’t strong enough to bring down the government, the courts, and the thugs who protect them.

One day we may be.
I hope I live to see it.
An end to capitalism.
And end to the fascist state.
An end to those who run Big Agriculture, an end to slaughterhouses, feed lots, packing plants, and factory farms.

Until that day comes we must protect those animals we can. Rescue all we can possibly save. Recruit animal activists wherever possible.

And plan for the Revolution.

I am frequently asked how we do that. How can we be revolutionaries when the possibility of revolution is so minimal?

Revolution is as much a state of mind as it is social and political upheaval.

Revolution is a process, a plan, a goal, a dream.

Revolution is justice. It is the end of oppression. The beginning of fairness, of empathy, of freedom, of compassion.

The path to revolution is education. Informed activists are catalysts for recruiting and energizing others. And our target audience are those who rescue dogs and cats. Our brothers and sisters who love animals. It is a short step from caring about dogs to realizing that creatures in the food system are just as deserving of life as are pets. That when it comes to pain, suffering, and wanting to live, all animals are the same. Including humans.

Our task is to awaken those we work with, those we march with, those we live with, and those we care about.
It is another short step from animal protectionist to animal activist, and another to social revolutionary.

Each step we take brings animal liberation and social justice closer to reality. And each activist we recruit builds our revolutionary army.

We only get one shot at revolution.

Because if we fail, we are all dead or imprisoned.

It will only be a go when our numbers are big enough to pull it off.
Which might be decades into the future.

So what do we do in the interim?

Aside from educating, recruiting, and planning to bring down capitalism, we should be working on animal protection.

The horrors that animals face under our legal and economic system will continue until if or when we can end the system. Until that end comes, billions upon billions of animals will continue to suffer and die at the hands of businessmen and their employees.

Capitalism is the author of almost all animal suffering and death in the world.

We cannot stop it by urging them to stop. We cannot impact the horrors by boycotting meat or being vegan. We can’t do anything for animals trapped in the food system but to work for government to require more humane treatment. Bogus and ineffective as that may sound, only storming the boardrooms of Big Ag and burning down slaughterhouses could accomplish more.

Untold generations of animals are going to be tortured and killed by businesses. Our concern should be to reduce their suffering as much as possible. We owe them that.

Notions that we are going to end slaughter by recruiting others to veganism are ridiculous. We vegans are only non-combatants in the war for Animal Rights unless we do much more than simply not eat animals.

We need to be friends to animals. To be proactive in protecting them in the short term, and bringing down their enemies in the long term.

Their enemies are everyone in the chain of slaughter, from the thugs who wield the knives to the suits who run the companies. Every defender of capitalism. Every conservative politician. Every conservative voter. Every single thoughtless and uncaring consumer who feeds money into the system.

Bringing down capitalism and the legal system which permits it will be one of the greatest advances in human civilization. And the single most important event for animals in history.

Unfortunately, it is below the horizon. Much as we wish to bring an end to the horrors, to make animal consumption illegal, to proscribe the killing of our fellow creatures, it is presently a distant dream.

Our short term agenda must be to impact the way animals are treated by our government. We must defeat conservatives wherever we find them. Conservatives are the enemy. The enemy of animals and of animal activists. They defend and enable the slaughter industries, They block reforms. They are the reason there are still puppy mills, kill shelters, aquatic parks, horse and dog racing, rodeos, zoos, circuses. They are the reason there still are gestation crates, veal crates, debeaking, dehorning, tail docking, tooth extractions without anesthesia. They are the reason one of every 12 cows and calves have their legs cut off while still conscious: they refuse to slow down the slaughter lines to make sure animals are dead before they are cut up alive. Same with boiling chickens alive. Conservatives block attempts to slow down the slaughter, so chickens are still alive when thrown into vats of boiling water to remove their feathers. Fast slaughter lines mean more profits for the companies that kill animals. And conservative politicians do their bidding.

Same with conservatives supporting and funding Wildlife Services, an agency of the Department of Agriculture, which acts like it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry. Wildlife Services kills millions of animals a year that are inconvenient to cattle ranchers.

Conservatives support the cruel wild Mustang roundups, horse slaughter, live exports of horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico, wolf and coyote kills, hunting on federal lands, delisting of endangered animals by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They are even trying to abolish the EPA.

Conservatives carry water for the oil, mining, and timber industries. The deny that climate change is real, despite the overwhelming science that proves it is not only real, but is caused by industry.

Conseratives are bought and paid for by Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Ag.

Fascism is the merger of corporate and state power. As long as elected officials can be legally bribed, fascism will continue to flourish. Democracy will continue to be an inside joke, the subject of derision and scorn by the oligarchs that run big business and the US government.

Our short term agenda should also be to lock arms in solidarity with other victims of capitalism, to work to elect caring and compassionate individuals to positions of authority, to join together in working for all our progressive agendas: Environmentalists, occupiers, social justice advocates, people of color, women, anti-war advocates, anti-globalization activists, gays and transgenders, seniors, homeless, the poor and working poor, prison reformers, ex-convicts, urban gangs, people of conscience, and everyone on the political Left.


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