I Am A Revolutionary

I don’t wear fatigues or camo. I don’t have a beret or an automatic weapon.

I don’t look any different than you do.

I work in politics, I vote, I send emails and make phone calls.

I write.

I am an activist.

I am attempting to change the world every day.

But I believe we need a revolution. I don’t believe the system will allow animal rights. It won’t stop the exploitation of the poor or the disadvantaged. It won’t stop global warming or the rape of the planet.

Capitalism is the enemy, and it won’t go softly into the night.

Revolution may not come for decades. But I plan on it every day.

I recruit. I educate. I proselytize. I warn and goad. I preach to the choir and to the heathens. I embrace comrades across the left.

I may not have fatigues or camos, but my heart is with Che, and Ho, and every hero who stood or stands against the murdering capitalist state.


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