Join The Animal Rights Leadership Council

If you are an animal activist, the animals are your first priority.

I know they are mine.

Every animal we help is important, every life we save is precious.

But the most important thing we can do for the animals is to ensure that the animal movement continues into the future.

That means recruiting, training, educating, and deploying the leaders of the decades to come. It means taking the long view. It means guaranteeing that there will be an animal movement in the future.

It is the reason we set up the Animal Rights Leadership Council (ARLC).

There is no more important a legacy that one can leave behind: To have been responsible for the future of the animal movement. To have been instrumental in saving millions of animals not yet born. To have helped end the suffering and misery of animals you never knew, could never know, for generations to come.

ARLC is the single most important project in the world. It is the difference between the animal movement continuing and growing or atrophying and dying. The difference between a force defending the animals in the future and the deaths of so many in the present.

Its purpose is to propel the Animal Rights movement into the coming decades with trained, talented, young activists. Activists armed with knowledge of politics, animal issues, philosophy, revolutionary theory, organizational development, history, ethics, sociology, marketing, and advertising. Young people who will be the leaders of this movement after we are gone; who will guarantee that the movement continues, grows, and thrives. Whose very purpose will be to validate all we have done and wish to accomplish.

Like all great social movements, the Animal Rights movement is a disparate assemblage of people and organizations, rudderless, inefficient, and oftentimes ineffective, duplicative, and counter-productive. Such is to be expected in a loose, non-monolithic collection of individuals.

Unlike all great social movements, we are planning to field and train promising young activists and turn them into skilled, capable, informed, and visionary leaders for the future.

No campaign I can think of is more important than this. Funds spent on animal rescue, animal protection, or animal rights would be better spent on assuring the continuation of the Animal Rights movement. One student leader is likely to do more for animals over the coming years than anything you or I could possible do in the present. The cost of that young leader’s training far more important than almost any other expenditure.

All we do and have done for animals will count for nothing if the Animal Rights movement sputters and dies. Even if it continues as at present, the animals will lose. That is because the Animal Holocaust is expected to not only continue, but to increase in scope. The human population is exploding, and the demand for slaughtered animals and animal products will reflect an ever increasing population.

Only a radical change in strategies and goals can slow, and eventually, halt the horrors.

But those changes will only come about with new blood, new ideas, youthful enthusiasm, and the radical ardor of a new breed of leaders. Leaders who will build broad coalitions against Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, and the Big Banks who finance the exploitation and murder of animals.

For Animal Rights to ever become a reality the Animal Rights movement must be a key component of Leftist coalitions aligned to change government and the economic system that encourages and rewards animal slaughter. We will provide the expertise, knowledge, and political tools so our young leaders may one day help change the world.

Please visit ARLC at
And see the new Facebook page at

We need talent and experience on the Council. We need leaders who can direct our efforts. Teachers and mentors who can develop leadership skills in others. We are seeking seasoned politicos, organizational developers, strategic planners, public speakers, writers, historians, philosophers, organizers, computer gurus, marketers, advertising professionals, administrators, and other skills that we can use to grow the movement, train activists, and lay the foundations for the future.

If you would like to be a part of this unique and important project, please contact me:

ARLC is the most important priority you should have. The first thing you support, the focus of your energies, your primary concern as an animal activist and advocate.

Please urge your friends and contacts to support ARLC.

Ask them to stand with their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. Ask them to remember ARLC in their estate planning, bequests, and regular support.

The animals thank you.


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