If Revolution Will Not Stop Capitalism, Global Warming Will

Climate scientists are overwhelmingly convinced that human activity over the past 100 years is the primary cause of the warming of the oceans and the atmosphere. That human activity is the result of industry, fossil fuel use, and animal agriculture.

Evolutionary biologists, sociologists, geologists, climate scientists, and others, are convinced we are entering the Sixth Mass Extinction in Earth’s history. One which could drive humans into extinction along with tens of thousands of other species. And that extinction will have been caused by humans. Capitalist humans.

Half of all life on Earth has been eradicated in just the last 40 years! Almost all of it the result of capitalist enterprises and destruction of the environment caused by industry, clear-cutting, mining, drilling, and animal agriculture.

Calls by scientists, activists, and consumers to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the rainforests have been drowned out in a sea of conservative propaganda, political bribery, and capitalist advertising.

It may already be too late to stop climate change. Reductions in fossil fuel consumption, alternative energy sources, and mandated reductions in carbon emissions are likely too little, too late.

We may have already reached, and passed, the tipping point.

If so, the need for political and social revolution may be less urgent than many of us have thought. It may be that capitalism has already consumed enough hemlock to assure its own demise.

Economists, social justice advocates, environmentalists, and animal rights activists all are critical of capitalism, albeit for different, though related, reasons.

Their common criticism is that capitalism requires an unending stream of victims to maintain growth. Growth is a requirement of capitalism, as it is of cancer. Without growth, the system will implode like a giant Ponzi scheme.

Climate change is the wall that capitalism has hit. It remains to be seen if the collision was a fatal one, although there is ample evidence that is was.

If so, the irony that revolution will be unnecessary is lost on the conservatives, the capitalists, and their climate denier stooges in politics and the media.

Few revolutionaries, myself included, think there is much likelihood that revolution will be attempted, let alone be successful, in the foreseeable future. A much safer bet is that capitalism falls of its own weight.

Revolution will be unnecessary because global warming will exact a terrible price on the human race. And those capitalists responsible for industry, finance, and the political system will pay the price along with the rest of humanity.

In that “shake out,” hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, could die of starvation, disease, storms, and regional conflicts for food and water.

The survivors, whoever they may be, will not be capitalists.

Capitalism will die as a failed experiment in human greed and avarice.

Regional socialist societies will fill the voids.

A new beginning for humanity may well be the by-product of capitalist-induced climate change.

Rather than warning the culprits, maybe we should let them hasten their own demise.

The biggest winners of such a scenario of human die-off will be the billions of animals who will not be bred to be tortured and murdered at the hands of humans.

Earth, and the animals, may get their revenge.

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