We Are Animal Activists. So Why Are So Many Of Us Hurting Animals?

We are animal activists.
We have compassion and empathy for our fellow Earthlings.
We abhor animal cruelty, abuse, exploitation, and murder.
We work tirelessly to rescue, to educate, to influence, and to recruit others to our cause.

If the animals are so important to us, why are so many of us working to hurt them?

Why do we buy into religious beliefs that condone animal cruelty?
Why do we support political parties and candidates committed to hurting animals?

Make no mistake: most of us are working against animals, whether we know it or not.

Are you a conservative? A Republican?
You are not only consorting with the enemies of animals, you are an enemy of animals. You may not know it. You probably never considered the possibility.

But your votes are torturing and killing millions of animals.
Republican and conservative Democratic Members of Congress are blocking reforms in factory farming and slaughterhouses, supporting puppy mills, horse slaughter, Mustang roundups, wolf kills, vivisection, testing, delisting endangered species, and helping industry destroy habitats and continue air and water pollution, clearcutting, and greenhouse gas emissions.

At the state and local levels, conservative legislators are trying to pass ag-gag laws which will make whistleblowing and exposure of animal cruelty a crime. They are seeking to expand hunting, drilling, and mining. They oppose no-kill shelters, block restrictions on animal cruelty, work to open new horse slaughterhouses, block bans on canned hunting, are inserting constitutional language to guarantee hunting in state constitutions.

One cannot logically be an animal activist and also be a conservative.

One must choose between the animals and their enemies.

Similarly, one cannot support any of the world’s major religions.

Each is antithetical to animals. And their teachings permeate society.

The evil belief that animals were put here by a god for our use and pleasure is common to all the great religions.

That pernicious and commonly accepted propaganda is the primary hurdle we face in recruiting people to veganism.

Some religious animal activists attempt to reconcile myth and superstition with compassion for animals by arguing that Jesus was vegan or that what God really meant by dominion was benign stewardship.

While I would wish every follower of a religion would reinvent it for the benefit of animals, the truth of the matter is that no bible, Torah, or Q’ran demonstrates anything but a cruel god, oblivious to animal suffering. Difficult to reconcile with caring for animals. And even more difficult for religious animal people to see the truth.

Do you live large? Or comfortably?
Have a house, cars, take vacations, own things?
You should be helping animals instead of pursuing your own interests.
Watch TV, go to ball games, movies, play video games?
You are wasting time that could be spent rescuing, recruiting, emailing, phone calling, fostering.

Every minute of the day, animals are dying.
Every day you indulge yourself, 200 million calves, cows, pigs, piglets, lambs, chickens are slaughtered.

A dollar will feed a starving animal, fifty dollars will save a life, a hundred will recruit a new activist, a thousand will train a leader of the movement.

Everything we do helps.

But most of us can do so much more than we do.

And we can start by not being an enemy of the animals.

Then: We must focus on the grand solution instead of upon the brushfires that consume our attention.
We must make education and recruitment of radicals and revolutionaries our primary task.
We must use the resources we have to inform the public and other animal activists that the movement is a revolutionary one.
We must debunk political conservatism and religious myth.
We must support all efforts to reduce animal suffering and exploitation, and use those contacts to expand the radicalization of the movement.
We must support other leftist social movements and join in broad left wing coalitions.
We must participate in the political process supporting the most liberal candidates as a means of educating and proselytizing.


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