How Important Are Animals To You?

If you are reading this you most likely consider yourself to be an animal activist, or you care about animals.

But the question is posed to demonstrate that not all animal activists are as committed to animals as are others.

Some animal activists are political conservatives. As such, while they may care about animals, their loyalties are divided between animals and right wing issues, like guns, abortion, immigrants, taxes, war, gays, or some combination thereof.

Some animal activists are religious types. They may be Christian fundamentalists, conservative Jews, Muslims, etc, but unless they are Jains, they subscribe to a religious worldview that oppresses animals. Jainism is the only religion which teaches and practices veganism.

All three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) teach that God gave humans dominion over all the animals on Earth. All three have religious texts which teach how to kill animals. All three worship a God who demanded animal sacrifices. Islam still embraces the barbaric practice.

Animal activists who subscribe to any of these religions are contributing to the suffering and deaths of billions of animals. It is the public’s acceptance of “dominion” as justification for animal consumption that drives the Animal Holocaust.

Over a billion animals per week die in slaughterhouses to satiate people’s demand for animal flesh. And religion is the primary justification for the horror.

Religious animal activists may not approve of their religion’s role in animal cruelty, but if they are still buying into the religion, they are buying into the cruelty.

You may not have given politics or religion much thought. You might even think they have nothing to do with animals.

But they do.

Capitalism is defended by conservative leaders and legislators, who support the killing industries, vivisection, animal testing, zoos, aquatic parks, horse racing, hunting, rodeos, etc.

Animals die so corporations can make profits. The corporations and their lobbyists bribe candidates and politicians to allow them to continue killing and torturing animals.

And they get conservative voters to support them with claims of free enterprise and the American Way of Life.

Animal activists who support of conservative politicians are as guilty of animal murder as they are.

So, if you are a conservative, any help you give to animals is a drop in the bucket compared to the harm you are supporting. Conservative legislators are working to pass ag-gag laws that will make it a crime to expose animal cruelty, they are supporting the killing of millions of animals by Wildlife Services, which acts as a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry. Conservative Members of Congress are trying to delist endangered species, abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, support Mustang roundups, horse slaughter, puppy mills. They block our attempts to eliminate gestation crates, rape racks, veal crates, battery cages, tail docking, debeaking, castration without euthanasia, branding, nose rings, tooth pulling, dehorning, etc.

If you are a conservative, you really should examine your commitment to animals.

You may find animals are more important to you than are religious myth or conservative dogma.

And all that anti-animal baggage can be left behind.

3 thoughts on “How Important Are Animals To You?

  1. most Jains aren’t vegan though, most are veggie but some eat meat. so long as they spend their required 10 mins each day reflecting on any “harm” they may have caused, they are ok. even western jains are not aware of the harm dairy entails so continue to drink milk (most believe that in india dairy is still harmless). but there is a growing vegan jain movement aiming to educate, also on environmentalism since all life depends on Earth. i think the religious motivation for ahimsa is the belief in reincarnation, rather than ethical concerns per se. non violence includes mental harm, such as thinking or wishing bad on someone, which is an interesting concept. if i had to choose a religion it would be jainism, but its not a vegan religion.

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