Karl Marx Supported Abraham Lincoln. American Conservatives Did Not.

karl marx

Lincoln was a liberal. His opponents were conservatives. Back then the Republican Party was the liberal party, the conservatives were the Democrats.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854. It replaced the Whig Party.

In 1854, I would have been a Republican.

The Republican Party was founded in opposition to the horrors of human slavery. It’s first nominee was John C. Fremont, in 1856.

Lincoln was the standard bearer in 1860.

He won.

Lincoln opposed slavery. Marx opposed slavery. Conservatives did not.

It was only natural that Marx would have backed Lincoln.

Conservatives hated Lincoln. They went to war to stop his campaign against slavery. They murdered their fellow Americans so they could keep their slaves. They eventually murdered Lincoln.

That today’s conservatives would attempt to claim Lincoln as their own is obscene.

The Republican Party totally abandoned its liberal roots when it elected William Howard Taft in 1912. The last liberal Republican president was Theodore Roosevelt, who left the Republicans to form the Progressive Party (Bull Moose Party).

To those of us familiar with history, the spectacle of Republicans invoking the memory of Lincoln is a joke. Today’s Republicans like to cloak themselves with the mantle of Lincoln. They claim his legacy and bask in his popularity.

He would have laughed in their faces.

Can you imagine any of today’s Republicans supporting someone that a Marxist supports?

I can’t imagine it either.

But then, I can’t imagine anyone being a Republican.


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