If You Are A Conservative, You Might As Well Shoot Your Dog

shoot dog

That is because everything you believe in and stand for is diametrically opposed to the interests of animals.

You believe in capitalism, the author of the Animal Holocaust, the primary cause of animal exploitation and cruelty around the world.

You believe in the bible, which teaches animal cruelty and promotes the absurd belief that animals are here for our use.

You believe in the right to own private property, and to do with it as one wishes. It is that concept which allows for animal exploitation, abuse, and murder. It justifies the Animal Holocaust, factory farms, fur, zoos, circuses, aquatic parks, horse and dog racing, rodeos, puppy mills, animal testing, and vivisection.

You believe that people should have all the guns they want, regardless of the cost in human and animal lives.

You vote for conservative legislators who support Big Ag, advocate ag-gag laws, corporate welfare for the slaughter industries, hunting on federal lands, mining and drilling in National Parks, Navy sonar tests which kill dolphins and whales, Mustang roundups, horse slaughter, puppy mills, de-listing endangered species, wolf kills, abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, oppose veal and gestation crates, support de-beaking, dehorning, castration without anesthesia, tail docking, branding, oppose slowing slaughter lines (1 in 7 cows and pigs are still conscious when their legs are sawn off and their skin is ripped from their bodies because the slaughter industry wants to maximize profits by running slaughter lines as fast as possible).

Conservative legislators are bought and paid for by Big Ag, Big Pharmaceuticals, and Wall Street, which profits from the animal exploitation industries.

But those conservative politicians would never be in office except for conservative voters.

Except for you.

Their crimes against animals are your crimes.

You are complicit in the horrors they allow.

You are the reason they hurt and kill animals.

And they kill millions each day.

Which means you do, too.

Killing your dog would just be a drop in the bucket. And it would be entirely consistent with what you believe.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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7 thoughts on “If You Are A Conservative, You Might As Well Shoot Your Dog

  1. I’ll go further yet. If you like bacon, you likely would enjoy human. As I understand it, the cannabal tribes describe human flesh as ‘sweet tasting’. Why not work out a way to farm people? Yes it is illegal in most countries, but there is no moral reason not to that doesn’t also apply to animals like Pigs and Cows. But that would be an application of the same logic used to rationalize the slaughter and horrid conditions farm animals live under. And conservatives don’t like logic very much, nor science.

    As for hating god and conservatives. I hate the actions of believers and conservatives both, not the people themselves necessarily. People that cannot accept good solid replicable evidence and change their minds are ill. It is not logical to hate someone for an illness they have. And why would I hate elves or trolls, or even Darth Vader? They, and Yahweh, are fictitious characters. There has been 3,000 years or more for a god to really make an impact that is pronounced through the ages, but no such impact is felt.

    Everything around us is easily explainable without resorting to supernatural causes. Asserting the supernatural actually makes less sense as an explanation. It would please me to no end to have some recourse in extending the time I will experience life. But we know our experience dies with the brain, and the brain dies with the rest of us. But at least I was alive and interacted with others, learned, loved, and did some good. That has to be enough, and it punctuates how much time people waste denying basic understanding of the world around us. Life is too short to ignore what very talented people have spent hours of skull-sweat to figure out. Too short to spend countless hours in churches praying to an entirely fictitious entity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What an idiotic comment. No explanations, no arguments, no examples, no intelligent refutation? It is just this kind of mindless adherence to myth, superstition, and peer pressure.

      Hatred towards God? Are you serious? You sound like a verse from the Old Testament. No rational person hates God any more than they hate the Devil or goblins. The entire concept is fantasy, and those who believe fantasies are fooling themselves, no one else.


    • must be weird being brainwashed . We were where the USA was in Medieval England . All the God fearing rubbish , was before people could read , before modern science. Before medicine . All this rubbish and fantasy you are brain washed with puts you back 500 years in evolution behind me.
      Such a waste of potential , such a shame that these people in these twisted churches , making billions out of fear , were not arrested as conn men .

      Liked by 1 person

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