Meat Eaters And Child Molesters

Modern society does not tolerate child molesters or rapists. Ethical people naturally wish to protect children and women from being victimized. It is a natural aversion to violence against the weak and powerless by predators and the powerful.

But it is a worldview through the prism of speciesism. Most people share no such concerns for other creatures.

We jealously guard our own young, yet we consume the young of our fellow creatures. Were we not wearing the blinders of human society, the outrage of what we do would be readily apparent.

Parents cannot envision a more horrific thing to happen to their children than being sexually violated and brutalized. Upon reflection, however, all would wish their children to survive the attack and be reunited with their families.

No possibility of survival is available to the baby calves, lambs, or piglets, that are raised for food. They will never be reunited with their families.

No parent would want their child to have his or her throat cut.

Those same parents, by and large, think nothing whatsoever about the babies of other species being brutalized and murdered. And if they do recognize that they are the cause of such brutality, most do not care.

Child molesters, rapists, and meat eaters are kindred spirits. They each prey on the bodies of unwilling victims to satisfy their urges, whether sexual, gastronomical, or violent.

Meat eaters will find the comparison to child molesting offensive. So be it. Such offense does not mean the comparison isn’t accurate.

Some activists will recoil as well, primarily those who are not vegan. Again, so be it.

Truth is not determined by individual sensibilities.

And the truth is that humans are a scourge upon the Earth, a cancer on the planet, the enemies of life.

Only by revolution can we reinvent society, re-prioritize societal values, and control human avarice, cruelty, and indifference to our fellow creatures.


6 thoughts on “Meat Eaters And Child Molesters

  1. It’ seems that fellow creatures are child molesters/cancer on the planet/enemies of life too, because they often eat meat.


  2. When vegans go live in caves and eat only what they can gather, then their argument may not be hypocritical. The impact of human habitation on animals and the natural world goes way way beyond meat eating.


    • No argument. But vegans and animal advocates seek to minimize the harm humans do to animals and the Earth. Just because humans are a scourge on the planet does not justify increasing the harm or excusing those who commit it.


  3. This article hit home as I know both sides of the coin. I openly agree. I will take a stance against any one who denies the truth of human exploitation, cruelty, and molestation of weaker beings including children
    and animals!!! I will add elderly and voiceless as well as disabled!!

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