The Only Vegan Who Ever Saved An Animal’s Life Stole Him From A Factory Farm

pigs-in-factory-farmOf all the people on Earth whom animals should be able to count upon for help it is us vegans.

Vegans care enough about animals to alter our lifestyles. We make a commitment to animals every time we eat a meal or don clothing.

We are the most ethical people who have ever lived.

So why are we letting the animals down?

Veganism is proof of one’s values and ethics, but veganism in itself doesn’t save a single animal’s life.

We have deluded ourselves that by eating veggie burgers and tofu we are saving lives.


What we are doing is acting in accord with our values that we do not eat our friends. We will not be complicit in the torture and murder of our fellow creatures. But that is all theoretical.

All being vegan does to the animal industry is reduce the price of meat by a tiny fraction of a penny per ton, if that.

Every animal in the food system is going to die a horrible, cruel death. None will be sent to a sanctuary because people aren’t eating them. They will still be slaughtered and just become animal feed, chemicals, or fertilizer.

The only way a vegan can save an animal’s life is to raid a factory farm and rescue one.

When we convince others to become vegan, we spread the delusion. When we tell people that they will alleviate suffering and death by changing their eating habits, we are lying to them, just as we lie to ourselves.

Animal agriculture tortures and murders 6 million animals every hour, around the clock, every day, all year long. That is an entire Nazi Holocaust every 60 minutes!

And that number is growing, because the worldwide demand for animal corpses is growing. Because the human population is growing.

And while we may be recruiting a lot of vegans, it is nowhere near enough to offset the increase in the carnist population.

Worldwide, vegans are way less than 1% of the population. Even if we are 2%, or even 5% in the US, we have no impact on meat packers exporting dead creatures to Asia and Europe.

Voluntary veganism cannot work.

It cannot work mathematically.

It cannot work practically.

It must become mandatory.

We are deluding ourselves and we are letting the animals down.

Our goal must be to radically change the system. To change our goals, our tactics, our strategies and methods.

We must ban animal agriculture. While that sounds great, it isn’t possible under our capitalist economic system, our political system, or our legal system. The only way to change those systems is through political and social revolution. And that is not likely for decades.

The fact that we cannot end the Animal Holocaust in the foreseeable future does not mean we do not work toward that goal.

The task of ending animal ownership and slaughter is more formidable than was ending human slavery. And it took radical political action, riots, and war to end slavery.

We can hardly achieve an even more drastic change in society by eating tofu.

We must radicalize ourselves and the animal movement. We must become political and social radicals. We must ally with other radicals. We must join broad leftist coalitions against social injustice, against war, bigotry, exploitation. We must lock arms with other enemies of capitalism and those fighting to save our environment.

And as we fight against the capitalist system that is murdering animals, we must join to force Big Ag to improve the lives of those animal slaves doomed to die.



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4 thoughts on “The Only Vegan Who Ever Saved An Animal’s Life Stole Him From A Factory Farm

  1. ” . . . ultimately animals get even. The major killers of humanity throughout recent history–smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, bubonic plague, measles cholera, and AIDS–are all infectious diseases that arose from the diseases of animals. I pray that mad cow disease will come to this country and completely wipe out the hamburger criminals.” (George Carlin)


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