Eating Tofu Won’t Stop The Animal Holocaust


People do not like to be pushed out of their comfort zones.
Meat eaters angrily object to information about animal slaughter.
Religious people don’t like their gods compared to unicorns.
Wrestling fans get pissed when you tell them it’s a fake sport.

And vegans like to think that they are saving lives.

Problem is, they aren’t.

We do not consume animals for the same reasons we do not consume people. We find it reprehensible to consume a creature who just wanted to live. We find murder of innocents to be intolerable.

But just because we do not participate in the horrors doesn’t mean they stop.

Our present course of action as vegans is not working.

Being vegan doesn’t save a single life. All it does is decrease the cost of a ton of meat by a ten thousandth of a cent, if that.

No animals are set free because of vegans. No animal in the food system will survive. All will be killed. If not for food, for chemicals and fertilizer.

The problem is very simple, but almost impossible to solve: The vegan population is not keeping up with the human population. More carnists are being born than we are recruiting new vegans.

This information upsets some vegans who are heavily invested in merely being vegans as a means of helping animals. And a lot of vegans are unwilling accept that all they have done to change their lifestyles isn’t accomplishing what they thought it would do.

Being vegan is the very least we can do for the animals. But trying to end animal slaughter by just being vegan is no different than trying to stop child molesters by not molesting children ourselves.

The animals are losing. In spite of vegans.

We must drastically change what we do if we are to help them.

All our efforts are pissing into the wind. We are attempting to turn the tide with teacups.

Capitalism must be defeated if we are to end the Animal Holocaust. It is capitalism which drives it. Profits. Business. Capitalism is the enemy of animals. But capitalism couldn’t exploit and murder them if our legal system did not permit it. And therein lies the problem. Our legal system considers animals to be property, to be bought, sold, and killed, as if they were no more important than scrap metal or gravel.

And our system of government can be influenced (purchased) with campaign conributions by special interests and lobbyists. So Big Ag, Wall Street, Big Pharma, etc, are actually writing the laws that govern us, and which make it almost impossible to stop corporate welfare, provide protection for the environment, or humane treatment of animals.

The enormity of the Animal Holocaust is almost beyond comprehension. The slaughter industries kill as many animals EACH HOUR as Hitler murdered Jewish people: SIX MILLION.

Every hour of every day. 365 days per year. And the number is increasing as the human population increases, and as capitalists continually make the killing more efficient and cheaper. The cheaper it is to create animal corpses, the more profitable they become. And animal corpses can be profitable if they are turned into animal feed, chemicals, and fertilizers, even if they are not consumed as food.

Only revolution can help the animals. But I am not engaged in revolution. I recognize that no such possibility exists for the time being.

Revolution will likely not come for decades. If ever. But the possibility is all the animals have.

So what should we do if recruiting vegans isn’t working and a revolution isn’t currently possible?

A great many things, actually. Almost all are political.

We need the power of government to help animals. We need those animals trapped in the food system to be relieved of as much suffering as possible. We need government to crack down on the animal exploitation industries. We must fight against ag-gag laws, against shredding living baby chicks, against skinning calves alive, against chainsawing the legs off still-conscious cows, against boiling chickens alive, against de-beaking, de-horning, and castrating animals and pulling their teeth without anesthesia. We must fight to end veal crates, gestation crates, horrific conditions in feedlots and on factory farms.

All of these are practices that Big Agriculture engages in. And Republicans and conservative Democrats allow them to get away with these horrors because they are bought and paid for by Big Ag, bribed with campaign contributions.

Only liberal Democrats (and there are precious few of them) are our allies on this.

We must join with environmentalists, social justice advocates, and other progressives in coalitions where we support each others campaigns and goals, which will multiply and amplify our political strength and social effectiveness.

All of these are finger-in-the-dyke approaches to alleviating cruelty until such time as we can end it permanently, by bringing down the economic, legal, and political systems which wage war on animals every second of every day.

We must recruit liberals. From whom we recruit radicals. From whom we recruit revolutionaries.

Revolution is not likely any time soon. But it is possible. And we should be working toward it.

Ending human slavery required radical political action, riots, and war.

To end the Animal Holocaust will require much more than that.

We can hardly change the world by eating tofu.



Author’s Notes:

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8 thoughts on “Eating Tofu Won’t Stop The Animal Holocaust

  1. Turn the capitalist system against itself and cease the economic demand for animal products. If there is no demand, then the animal holocaust will end. And the way to do that is through peaceful, nonviolent vegan advocacy and education. Sadly, the planet will probably burn up before that happens.


    • Trying to end the Animal Holocaust through advocacy and education cannot work. World population is increasing faster than we are recruiting, or can possibly recruit, vegans. In 1975, the modern animal movement was born with the publication of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Since then, the Animal Holocaust has more than doubled in size. By any measure, the Animal Holocaust will continue to grow. All of the animals saved by animal activists and vegans in the last 50 years are fewer than will be murdered on slaughterhouse floors in the next work shift. Only governments can proscribe animal murder and enforce the prohibition. Capitalist governments will never do so. To end the horrors will require violent social revolution. All of human history demonstrates that oppression is never ended by appealing to the compassion of the oppressors. Power is never surrendered, it must be won. Animals have no power, no ability to fight for their freedoms. It will fall to those of us who champion them, and our task in winning those freedoms will necessarily be more difficult than would be winning our own. The more difficult the war, the more deadly it will be.


  2. Totally, totally agree…. But just what can we, as individual vegans do? In my country, not even 0.001% are vegans, leave alone vegan activists 😦 !! I’m as frustrated as you are, as other “radical” vegans are…. But I’m like totally helpless!!! This is heart breaking….


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