Are You A Warrior For Animals Or A Food Groupie?


As vegans, many of us seem to have lost sight of what veganism is about.

We became vegans to stop harming animals.

Turns out, that’s not what we are doing.

You’d think that by not buying dead animals or eating their corpses that fewer animals would be killed.
Supply and demand, right?

Wrong, unfortunately.

What is actually occurring is that we are affecting the price of meat, not the number of animals being killed.
And we aren’t making much of a dent in the price of meat.

The reason is twofold. Big Ag exports dead animals to the rest of the world, so US vegans have no affect upon the number of animals that are killed. Any not bought by us are shipped overseas.

The other reason is that it is still profitable for Big Ag to kill animals even if they are not all eaten by people.
Big Ag makes more money if the corpses are sold for human consumption, but they still make money if the corpses are turned into animal feed or fertilizer, or rendered for chemicals.

So the most effect we have by being vegan is to impact the prices of animal corpses, not the number of them.

While we are recruiting vegans here every day, our percentage of the population in the US has remained steady over the past 20 years at about one half of one percent. That is because the population is growing as fast as we recruit vegans.

Worldwide, the problem is very bleak, as the world population is growing much faster than is the vegan population. And even in a country with an exploding vegan population, like Israel, the gains in veganism are being buried under the increasing world population of carnists.

Worldwide, animals are being slaughtered at the mind-boggling rate of over 60 billion annually, and the number is increasing as you read this.

If we keep doing what we are doing, the Animal Holocaust is guaranteed to not only continue, but to increase in scope.

I believe we are morally justified in shooting the killers where they stand. In raiding the factory farms and the feed lots. Sabotaging the trucks and the railcars, burning down the slaughterhouses, storming the offices of Big Ag, arresting their boards of directors, dragging their lobbyists into the streets, and every political whore who has taken their bribes.

Doing so is the only hope animals have. To be rescued. To be freed. To be safe.

Unfortunately, we are not yet strong enough to pull it off.

We may not be strong enough in our lifetimes. But we should be planning on the opportunity and recruiting others to join us.

We will never end the Animal Holocaust by political action, as politics is rigged in favor of business and money.
We will never end the Animal Holocaust by being vegans, as we have no effect at all on the slaughter.
We will never end the Animal Holocaust by appeals to compassion, as most everyone is complicit in the horrors.

We will only end the Animal Holocaust through direct action and revolution.

By warriors for animals bringing down the system. By a broad alliance of enemies of capitalism and exploitation. Brothers and sisters united for social justice, the environment, and the animals.

Food groupies won’t be helpful


8 thoughts on “Are You A Warrior For Animals Or A Food Groupie?

    • If we had the political power force them to have glass walls, we would have the power to ban them altogether. But your point is profound. People refuse to accept the consequences of their actions if they can. Our task, among others, is to make people confront reality.


  1. I disagree, I think that could make matters worse for animals. Great social change has required violence against oppressors because those victims weren’t getting eaten by the oppressors.


  2. Fighting violence with violence doesn’t make sense. It needs to be a peaceful, nonviolent revolution, focussing on the consumers.


    • Using force in self defense or in defense of others is a recognized doctrine of the Common Law. I would extend the same doctrine to the defense of animals.

      Great social changes have required violence against oppressors. From defeating monarchies to make way for democracy, going to war to end slavery and secure the vote for African Americans, and defeating fascism. To end the Animal Holocaust will require much, much, more, as almost the entire human race is deployed against us and against the animals.

      Winning Animal Rights and ending the slaughter will take riots, bloodshed, insurrection, and revolution.

      And we still might not succeed.


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