Pacifism or Violence?

Many activists on the Left are pacifists, choosing to model their tactics after Gandhi and Martin Luther King rather than Che Guevara and Malcolm X.

Then there are Leftists like me who believe the system will only surrender to force.

Pacifism posits success on the enemy having a conscience.

But there is no better example of complete lacks of conscience than of those involved in the Animal Holocaust.

And if the enemy’s conscience does not operate to limit the horrors he is willing to commit, the only way to stop him is by force.

Using force in self defense or in defense of others is a recognized doctrine of the Common Law. I would extend the same doctrine to the defense of animals.

Great social changes have required violence against oppressors. From defeating monarchies to make way for democracy, going to war to end slavery and secure the vote for African Americans, and defeating fascism.

To end the Animal Holocaust will require much, much, more, as almost the entire human race is deployed against us and against the animals.

Winning Animal Rights and ending the slaughter will take riots, bloodshed, insurrection, and revolution.

And we still might not succeed.

That the enemies of animals’ enemies are much more numerous than animal activists is the ray of hope that revolution can come about.

Capitalism, greed, cowardice, self-interest, and ignorance are all enemies of animals.

They are also the enemies of people. Of most people, in fact.

All those who are oppressed, are exploited, are poor, are hungry, and who are victims of our economic, political, and legal systems are our comrades in the struggle for human and animal liberation.

But capitalism will not go quietly into the night. It must be defeated in armed struggle.

The revolution may not occur for decades, or in our lifetimes. But it must come if there is ever to be an end to the Animal Holocaust.


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