Fifty Years Of Failure

For fifty years the animal movement has rescued, adopted, fostered, protested, leafleted, marched, petitioned, written, and called.

All to no avail.

More animals are dying today than ever in history.

The Animal Holocaust has quadrupled since Peter Singer published Animal Liberation in 1973.

More dying at the hands of vivisectors for Big Pharma and in medical research.

More being tortured and killed in testing laboratories,

Our only measurable success has been in reducing the death rates at animal shelters, but after 50 years we should have stopped the death camps all together.

The animals are losing.

Vegans, as a percentage of the world population, are DECLINING.
The US vegan population has remained static at one half of one percent of the population.

To continue as we have done is to guarantee that billions upon billions of animals will continue to be bred, tortured and murdered.

Touchy-feely voodoo cannot change the world when carnists are out-breeding us!

All we have done is to save a relative handful of creatures while billions have been killed. And will continue to be killed as long as activists keep their heads firmly up their asses.

By almost any yardstick, the animal movement has been a dismal failure.

Most people identify with their dogs and cats, so it was fairly easy to enlist the helpof the general public in dog and cat rescue and issues.

But we have been completely unsuccessful in impacting the public on animals who are not family. Cows, pigs, lambs, chickens are now slaughtered at the rate of a billion per week, earning billions of dollars for Big Agriculture.

Mice, rabbits, rats, monkeys, continue to be sacrificed to profits for Big Pharma and the medical lobby.

Recruiting more animal activists or recruiting more vegans is to merely continue as we have been doing. We may save the odd animal here and there, but we will not stop the Animal Holocaust.

And that is true because our governments, our legal systems, and capitalism are united against animals and united to guarantee profits to businesses that exploit and kill them.

Instead of recruiting vegans and animal activists and rescuers, we need to educate and recruit our own troops to becoming political radicals and revolutionaries.

We must join hands in solidarity with enemies of the corporate state.
With enemies of capitalism.
With enemies of social justice.
With enemies of animal liberation and human liberation.

Only by unifying and amplifying the political left can we ever win animal rights and end the Animal Holocaust.


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