Dismissive term for anti-animal socialists needed

Species and Class

This article is republished from an eBook series that has been made freely available.

By Jon Hochschartner

Vegan socialists need a dismissive term for those on the anthropocentric left. It could be used in much the same way as socialist-feminists use the portmanteaus “brocialist” and “manarchist” to undermine socialists with reactionary gender politics.

I’m awful at coining catchy, new terms, as this task requires. And I imagine that anti-speciesist socialists as a whole are capable of brainstorming something much better. But as an initial suggestion, I’d like to offer the term “corpsocialist” to define those on the anti-animal left, which is obviously an amalgam of the words “corpse” and “socialist.” I hope the portmanteau would bring to mind the eviscerated bodies of the countless animals whose lives and suffering most leftists ignore or minimize.

In a 2013 letter to Socialist Worker, International Socialist Organization member Benjamin Silverman…

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