Thank you, Lord, For The Corpse On My Plate


How do we win? How do the animals win? Is it even possible?
By the numbers, the animal movement has failed the animals miserably.

More animals are being killed today than ever before in history.

This, despite 50 plus years of animal activism.

The only progress we have made is to reduce the killing of dogs and cats in municipal death camps (shelters).

But overall, the animals are much worse off than when Peter Singer published Animal Liberation back in 1975.

All of the animals saved by rescuers around the world for the past 50 years are fewer than the number of animals that will be murdered in the next slaughterhouse work shift.

The enormity of the Animal Holocaust is beyond our comprehension. One hundred thousand animals are murdered every minute of every day, around the clock, every day of the year.

One hundred thousand died since you clicked on this link!

The suffering, the pain, the terror, the bloodshed, are all unforgiveable.

But there is no justice, no consequences for the horrors, no payback for the animals that were tortured and murdered.

What kind of a legal system is that? Why would we willingly participate in it?

Under most legal systems, animal are mere personalty (personal property) and one can do whatever one wishes to animals, just as one can do whatever one wishes to an old couch, chair, or refrigerator.

As animal acivists, we do not believe that. That very fact takes us outside the legal system. That very fact makes us the enemies of the state. That very fact is the line in the sand which makes us revolutionaries.

Look around you.

The system under which we live is the enemy.

You can go to a store and buy the corpse of a living, sentient, fellow Earthling.

Animal corpses are sold as meals in restaurants. People wear the skins of corpses on their feet. Our entire society is awash in the blood of innocent victims of the system.

The legal system. The economic system. The political system.

Animals are killed for profit by businessmen (capitalists).

The legal system says they can do so, as the animals they torture and kill are their property.

The political system makes sure they are not inconvenienced by demands for humane treatment, as the killers pay campaign bribes to legislators to block any attempts at reform.

And our religions have people thanking God for the corpses on their plates.

Are you about fed up with the system?

Are you ready to make a real difference?

Join me in radicalizing the animal movement.

Let’s plan on ending the system. Let’s plan on revolution.

It may not come for awhile, but let’s recruit revolutionaries to spur it on!


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