Global Warming: The Issue Which Must Unite The Left. And Should Unite Humanity.

There is one issue that concerns the entire Left, from liberal Democrats to socialists: Global warming.

As global warming threatens our very existence, it is THE priority.

Science has proven the human impact on climate change. Human activity, primarily driven by industry and capitalism, is causing the Earth to warm.

The problem is so acute, and the prospects so dire if nothing changes, that all of us should support efforts to stop continued release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and to pursue remedies to reverse the damage already done.

Scientists are nearly unanimous in warning of severe repercussions of global warming within the next several decades. Longer term, predictions are mixed, with the least optimistic arguing that humans could face mass depopulation or even extinction.

As most revolutionaries believe that the time scale for overthrowing capitalism is even longer term than science’s global warming timetable, logic dictates that the Left rally behind those parties, officials, and political leaders working to rein in industry, climate deniers, lobbyists, and capitalist apologists.

Indeed, a litmus test for the Left is whether or not a candidate or party is fighting climate change.

We can settle our other differences in calm reflection after we have stopped the warming of the Earth and the mass extinction that climate change will induce.

But the problem is even greater than climate change.

Scientists tell us we are now in the Sixth Mass Extinction. Unlike the previous five mass extinctions, in the past 450 million years, which each killed off 90% of the world’s species then extant, this mass extinction is the result of the activities of one species: Us.

Half of all life on Earth has been destroyed in the last 40 years.

Human activity, primarily capitalist human activity, is killing off our fellow Earthlings. And not by the extinctions of a few species we would expect from the natural evolution of the. Earth, but by a factor of thousands of times more.

Humans have become a plague on the Earth, a parasitic life form that is killing everything around us.

We are that parasitic life form because of how we live, and what we value. We have become the greedy, uncaring, stupid species we are because of one thing: Capitalism.

Capitalism preys upon the very worst of human traits, and suppresses the best of humanity.

Capitalism rewards greed, avarice, cruelty, selfishness; and punishes compassion, empathy, and sharing.

If climate change doesn’t kill off the human race, capitalism will.

We need to focus on the most pressing crisis.

We need to still be here to fight capitalism.


One thought on “Global Warming: The Issue Which Must Unite The Left. And Should Unite Humanity.

  1. Humanity is struggling to find a voice among this race of human beings who are too self indulgent and irresponsible to care about this planet and its vital inhabitants who are a major element of the survival of this planet! Its not only about humans everlasting greed and evil, so start considering the planet as a whole which must include every living being on this planet!


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