Thank You, Lord, For The Virgin I Get To Rape

Preposterous? Of course it is!

But no more preposterous than the Bible telling God’s people that they can rape virgins and then the virgins must become their wives.

No more preposterous than the Bible condoning slavery and allowing the Jews to own slaves. (Most people are unaware that the biggest argument in favor of slavery in America before the Civil War was the Bible.)

No more preposterous than God demanding animals to be sacrificed to Him because He enjoys the smell of their burning flesh.

No more preposterous than the Bible telling us we can cure leprosy by killing a dove and dripping its blood on the patient’s big toe.

No more preposterous than talking snakes and talking donkeys.

No more preposterous than thanking God for the dead body on your plate of a creature who wanted to live as much as you do.

Looking back on the pronouncements of Bronze Age goat herders as spiritual advisers may seem quaint and harmless in this enlightened age, but many equally ridiculous concepts in the Bible still plague our society and are impediments to equality, fraternity, and freedom.

The denigration of women, the hatred of homosexuals, the persecution of non-believers, the promotion of ignorance, the opposition to science and knowledge, and the fleecing of the faithful, are all the despotic heritage of religions.

Many atheists are content to leave people to believe any fool thing they wish to believe, and to do not engage in ridiculing religions or attacking faith based belief systems.

Then, there are atheists like me, who see religions not as misguided or merely ridiculous, but as actually evil.

Not for what they are, but for what they make us become.

I am a frequent and outspoken critic of religion. Most of my criticism has been of the pernicious effects of religion on public discourse and government policy.

But an even more troubling aspect of religion is its affect on people’s concept of justice.

If one believes that there is a god, and that god is just and fair, then the urgency to make things right in the here and now becomes relatively unimportant, as God will sort it out. The Hitlers and Pol Pots will be punished, murderers will be held to account, even those who are cruel to animals will get their comeuppance!

And if people buy into the whole idea of God giving humans dominion over the animals, so is born the root cause of all animal abuse, cruelty and exploitation.


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Lord, For The Virgin I Get To Rape

  1. Agree with everything here. Have said many of these things myself. Get angry at the remark ” people have the right to believe whatever they wish” . Know most of the refences to animal domination but would like a list of refences if you have them to save trauling through the. Bible. I love your emails and always put them on facebook.

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