Why Socialism Would Mean The End Of Animal Agriculture

Many opponents of socialism argue that it is a utopian dream, that human greed is genetic and cannot be overcome by benevolent government.

There is some disagreement among sociologists as to whether greed is an inherited human trait. Most believe it is not, that it is learned behavior and not genetic.

But that determination has nothing to do with my support of a socialist system with a centrally planned economy.

My journey to socialism was long and tedious, filled with frustration and disappointment with the existing political paradigm. I am a socialist because I believe it is the only hope for animals.

Socialism removes profit from industry. It places production in the hands of workers, it eliminates exploitation of labor, and provides for all in society.

With the profit motive removed from industry, incentives to exploit and murder animals for profit will disappear.

But even more important will be the need to abolish animal agriculture for practical, political reasons: Saving our species from extinction by global warming, and feeding the world, will both require the end of animal agriculture.

Animal agriculture is more causative of global warming than is the entire transportation sector, which includes cars, trucks, buses, boats, ships, planes, and railroads.

And the amount of grain fed to animals trapped in the food system would feed the world population if centrally allocated.

Of course central planning will have no effect upon local “animal husbandry,” and I doubt such could ever be completely eliminated, but the extent to which it can be banned will depend upon how well placed animal activists are in revolutionary socialist governments.


2 thoughts on “Why Socialism Would Mean The End Of Animal Agriculture

  1. Yes, and we all remember how wonderfully efficient, and humane, those collective farms in the old Soviet Union were at feeding their people.


    • Animal consumption in socialist societies is less than in capitalist ones. Lack of efficiency, no profit motive, bureaucracy, etc, all militate for the animals.

      Future socialist societies cannot be measured by the yardsticks of those past, or current, as global warming will require that animal agriculture be greatly restricted or eliminated entirely.

      Similarly, the exploding world population will demand that grain be allocated to the starving and hungry instead of fed to animals trapped in the food system.


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