Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton!

The Left has a candidate!

And he is already kicking ass! In the first week of his campaign, Sanders raised over $3 million from almost 100,000 grassroots donors, and over 250,000 people have volunteered to work on his campaign!

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a socialist. Not a revolutionary socialist, but a democratic socialist. He is likely the furthest Left of the entire US Senate. He is an Independent, but caucuses with the Democrats.

I disagree with Sanders on a number of issues. He is not vegan. He doesn’t seem to care about animals. He supports pouring billions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of Israel.

Even so, he is the best we have. He is an outspoken critic of capitalism, an enemy of Big Business, Big Banks, and Wall Street. He supports family farmers, which could severely cripple Big Agriculture.

The only time we have the public’s attention on issues is during an election cycle. Rarely do we have anyone even close to our positions in the public spotlight.

He opposes political bribery. He supports social safety nets; an end to military adventurism and imperial foreign policy; and prosecuting torturers.

He is leading the fight against the fascist Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)and other trade agreements.

He opposes the Keystone pipeline.

He is making climate change, trade agreements, and money in politics the central themes of his campaign

And his demand for a political revolution is the political equivalent of the Shot Heard ‘Round the World.

While he may have a different take on what that means, it is the kind of bold pronouncement that can affect the body politic in ways never before contemplated.

Bernie Sanders has the power to redraw the political landscape, to redefine public opinion, and to realign the Democratic Party.

But a Sanders run as a Democrat will reshape the Democratic Party. It will force Democrats to redefine their agenda, advance true progressive programs and policies, reclaim liberalism, reaffirm who the party is and whom they represent!

It will force the Democrats to hold the Left. It will force Democrats to take on Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Ag and Big Oil.

It will mean an end to “Republican Light!”
It will change the party’s direction, focus, values, and future.

Wall Street Democrats beholden to Big Business and Big Banks make up almost the entire Democratic leadership. Corporate welfare, tax breaks, special interest legislation, industry hacks in important appointive positions, etc, are all made possible by bribery.

Only the most liberal Democrats, and Sanders, oppose this capitalist scheme to purchase the US government.

He will force the Democrats to examine their failed foreign policy, their corrupt alliance with Wall Street, their accommodations of the Republicans on almost anything that requires a backbone to oppose.

And the stark contrast with Hillary Clinton will cause the party to examine what it stands for and believes. Hillary is also a Wall Street Democrat, she supports a belligerent foreign policy, she supports Monsanto, Big Ag and Big Pharma.

Sanders in the race will force all these issues into th public eye.

The bully pulpit he will occupy during the primaries is unparalleled in US history.

And whether or not he will be successful in defeating Clinton, his candidacy will move the party to the Left.

But the most important thing a Sanders candidacy will accomplish would be to provide us the opportunity to recruit his supporters into the ranks of radical advocates for social and economic justice.

Socialists, radicals, and revolutionaries are not “thick on the ground” (as my British friends would observe) in America.

But they will be far more common in the wake of a Sanders candidacy, win or lose.

Join me in supporting Bernie Sanders for president!


3 thoughts on “Sanders for President

  1. And, you forgot to mention, he has a disgraceful record of pandering to hunting, trapping and anti-animal interests as evidenced by his support for the “Sportsmen’s Act” in the Senate last year. Yes, he is on the right side of most of the “big” issues but sometimes it is one’s attitude towards the little issues, the ones that don’t garner much media attention or endear oneself to some big-but-immoral political constituency, that truly defines a man’s character. At least a handful of Democrats opposed the Sportsmen’s Act on principle, but not Senator Sanders. If a man claims to be uniformly on the side of the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, the unjustly treated (as socialists are perpetually want to do) but fails to vigorously and unequivocally support animal rights he is either a clod or a hypocrite, case closed. Supporting Bernie Sanders by contributing either money, time or impassioned rhetoric to his campaign represents the perfect test of whether one is an animal rights advocate first and a socialist second or vice versa. Candidate Sanders can gain my support by public repudiating his vote in favor of the Sportsmen’s Act; absent that he is no better than any other potential Democratic candidate.


    • A liberal can be a personal scumbag, but if he or she is voting Left they are supporting policy level changes in government that would end its control by Big Business. By Wall Street. By Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Ag, and by Big Pharma.

      Big Business, capitalists, are the biggest enemies of animals.
      It is business which drives the Animal Holocaust.
      Which profits on the lives and body parts of billions of animals each year.
      Business which values profits over animal victims.
      And it is business which bribes elected officials to do its bidding.

      That bribery is the reason Congressmen and Senators vote against animals, and in favor of capitalism. It is the reason there is a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry within the Department of Agriculture (Wildlife Services) whose sole function is to kill animals on grazing land. It is why there are Mustang roundups and wild horses and burros being slaughtered. It is why there are still gestation crates, debeaking, baby chicks ground up alive, chickens boiled to death, calves cut up with chainsaws while conscious.

      Capitalism. Business. Profits. Scumbag conservative legislators (Republicans and most Democrats) and the lobbyist bagmen who hand out the bribes for Big Business.

      The only people trying to stop this are liberal Democrats.

      And even though many, or even most, might not be animal friendly in their daily lives, they are better friends to the animals than those who love their dogs and vote for political whores who are at war with animals.


      • The flaw that I see in your reasoning is this: you characterize big business, big banks, big oil, big ag, big pharma as the “big enemies” of animals apparently to contrast them with the “little people”, the purportedly- oppressed proletariat and peasants making up the vast majority of the citizenry (the 95%), who presumably are much more benign in their attitudes and much less destructive than the capitalist oligarchs. But the reality is that it is in fact these “little people” who entice and enable the big enemies of animals to do their dirty work. McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are the entities directly responsible for ordering the killing of cattle and chickens, but on whose behalf are they doing it? The “one percent”?

        Most of the wildlife carnage that occurs each year in this country during hunting season, who’s doing that? Wildlife Services, the gun and ammo manufacturers, the NRA Board of Directors, salesmen from the Sporting Department at Wal-Mart? Or is it the countless Bubbas from the trailer courts? The same can be asked about the recent proliferation of apparently-lucrative television programs based on animal exploitation and abuse (“Swamp People”, “Duck Dynasty”, “River Monsters”, …). Who is it that is watching all those appalling shows and generating their high ratings? The Koch family? A rogue clique of petit bourgeoisie? My point is that the trail of complicity doesn’t end at the door of the big corporations; they are at their core just amoral economic animals that will basically plumb any depth to supply what the public wants so long as it generates a profit. Pretending that the battle is between Us (the 99%) and Them (the one-per centers) is a huge oversimplification and a cop-out. As I’ve stated here before, the problem is much more basic than just what particular economic system you choose to bash, or to champion.

        The fault, dear Roland, lies not with corporations (odious as most of them are) but in ourselves. That we (humanity) have a genetic predisposition for selfishness and greed. Ignoring that fact ensures that Marxism will be no more successful in the future than it has been in the past.


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