There Are Not Enough Of Us

There are not enough people who care about animals to change the world by ourselves. Even if every animal lover were vegan, billions of animals would still be murdered.

The animal movement is barely 50 years old.
Many of us have worked that entire time to end the suffering and the cruelty.

What have we accomplished? Almost nothing.

We have reduced the number of dogs and cats killed in municipal death camps (shelters). But all the animals we have saved in 50 years is less than the number of animals that will be slaughtered in the next 8 hours.

Since Peter Singer published Animal Liberation in 1973, there has been a 400% increase in animal slaughter.

All those years of recruiting vegans has accomplished nothing. Vegans are DECLINING as a percentage of world population.

What we do isn’t working.

We need a whole new strategy. A new approach. A new vision.

It starts with recognizing who and what we are fighting against.

The enemy of animals is the very system under which we live.

It is the legal system, which guarantees the right to own animals, to enslave, exploit and kill them, because the law considers animals to be nothing more than personal property.

It is the capitalist economic system which rewards businesses for slaughtering animals and selling their corpses.

It is the government which protects and enables the slaughter industries, and which is controlled by the lobbyists and lawyers for Big Ag and Wall Street who bribe legislators and buy influence.

It is the religious dogma that pervades society, which has brainwashed the public to believe that animals are here for their use.

We need to ally ourselves with enemies of the system that is killing animals. In doing so, we may not end the Animal Holocaust, but it would certainly be reduced by orders of magnitude.

Capitalism works against animals because it rewards and caters to human greed. Our legal systems allow that greed as a matter of law, by permitting the ownership and enslavement of animals. And most major religions teach that animals are here for our use, and our governments enforce and enable animal exploitation.

It is impossible to change the government or legal system by recruiting vegans or appealing to human compassion. Compassion does not exist in sufficient quantity to out-vote those who do not give a damn about animals.

The only possible way of changing the system is to bring it down through political and social revolution.


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